March 4th, 2008

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Pleasantly surpised

It looks like the Pricegrabber rebates finally came in the mail today. I was wondering if they would ever wind their way through the process. So many people end up complaining about it online that I thought that my submissions might get FUBAR'ed too.

The site basically offers you a $5 rebate on every video game review you write. You have to send in the rebate form along with a photocopy of the receipt and UPC code but it's pretty much a cash cow when you consider how many games I end up buying. Unfortunately, I let a few of them slip by the due date and there were others where I pitched the receipts, but even then, it's around $75-$100 in basically found money. The obnoxious part is that you can only submit 5 rebates per calender month so you have to end up keeping notes about when each batch is supposed to go in.

Since I'm on the topic of video games, I haven't touched either the DS or PSP once since the laptop arrived. Instead, I've been spending all my spare time watching tv shows and movies on it, or just twiddling my thumbs online. I've already finished the first season of Highlander and am about to start on the second. I was surprised to find that many of the episodes that I thought were in the middle seasons were actually in season 1. That means that I ended up catching more of the episodes on tv than I first though. They've all been pretty spiffy though, and it's nice to finally see them all in order. You end up missing a lot of the larger story arcs when you watch it all piecemeal.

Has anyone ever wondered what happens when an immortal revives after being shot? I can see blood vessels and tissues healing, but what about the bullet itself? Lets say a bullet lodged in the heart. It's not like you could really live with a foreign object in there. Do you stay dead until someone yanks it out? Also, wouldn't x-rays of immortals be pretty fucked up? Hell, McLeod would have enough lead slugs show up on the x-ray to make a slinky out of.
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What a psycho bitch

Police: Texas teen, boyfriend spent month planning fatal attack

EMORY, Texas (AP) -- A high school couple forced to break up spent about a month plotting to kill the girl's parents before her mother and two younger brothers were fatally shot and stabbed in a weekend ambush, according to records released Monday.

Charlie James Wilkinson, who had been dating Penny and Terry Caffey's 16-year-old daughter, told police his girlfriend wanted her parents dead because they forbade their relationship, according to Rains County Sheriff Department investigators.

"Wilkinson stated that he and [the girl] were in love and the only way they could be together is to kill the parents," the arrest affidavit stated.

The daughter, Wilkinson, 19, Charles Allen Waid, 20, and Bobbi Gale Johnson, 18, are each charged with three counts of capital murder in the predawn Saturday killings at the Caffeys' secluded home. The girl has not been identified because of her age. All four were being held Monday on $1.5 million bond.

According to the affidavit, Waid, a friend of Wilkinson's, was offered about $2,000 to join the plot, although it doesn't specify who offered him the money.

Wilkinson and Waid broke into the house around 4 a.m. Saturday and fired on the parents while they slept, according to the affidavit. The two then went upstairs and fatally shot Mathew Caffey, 13, and stabbed Tyler Caffey, 8, with a sword, it says.

Wilkinson and Waid took cash and jewelry, then set fire to furniture and laundry to cover up the killings before leaving with the Caffeys' daughter and Johnson, who were waiting in a car parked down the road, the affidavit states.

Afterward, "Wilkinson stated that he and [the girl] had sex and slept," investigators wrote.

Man, if something like this dosen't make you rethink having kids, nothing will. I mean, Christ on a pogo stick, killing your entire family because you couldn't date some asshole? Not only killing everyone but then fucking the asshole and going to bed afterwards? That's some cold and twisted shit there. Someone should have slapped the hell out of the murdering whore. Even if you were some nutjob and think that her killing her parents was somehow defensible, the fact that she whacked her brothers too puts the nail in this coffin. Stabbing a sleeping eight year old with a sword? WTF?

There should definitely be some meanass capital punishment for this sort of bullshit. Hell, the death penalty is too mild for the type of whoopass that should be meted out for this sort of thing. Lethal injection is generally quick and relatively painless after all. These fuckers should all be treated to something agonizingly painful that lingers for a few hours.

Teenagers. Feh.
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I kick your ass!

I just started watching Drunken Master and I have to say that I absolutely love the old cheesy sound effects. It makes every single movement seem so cool. That WHOOMP WHOOMP sound whenever they move kicks ass. Life would be much more interesting if I had a sound effects studio enhancing everything I did. Hell, by the time I finish watching this movie I'll probbaly wish I were an alcoholic for the super powers it gives me.

Hmmm, a style of kung-fu that consists of trying to ram your head into people. I wonder what sort of crunches you have to do to train for that.