March 13th, 2008

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Race in the United States

It was inevitable that race would rear its ugly head again in politics. Not that it was all that buried, but it seems like it's time for another one of those periodic airing outs. In the most recent primary, Mississippi, the racial breakdown among voters was stark. Only 5% of black voters cast a ballot for Clinton and 26% of whites for Obama. Both of these numbers are lower than they have been in the past, though, it must be noted that Obama's shrinking white vote has far trailed Clinton's shrinking black vote. I think there's an interesting lesson in all of this, ecspecially in the timing of the racial divides.

Now, personally, I've always advocated a color blind sort of system. If I had my way, there would be no overt acknowledgement of race at all and maybe one day we could reach some sort of color blind society. Of course, I should point out that according to some 'experts' in racism, that just means that I'm unwilling to acknowledge my own white supremecy. I can only assume that they could never have conceived of a non-white person taking a point of view like that. Is there a chinese version of being an Uncle Tom?

Anyway, the only thing that really gets my racial hackles up is the idea that members of another race are banding together to target me and mine. It's the racial identity game theory. If we all live in a color blind society, we all benefit. If we all live in a society where we all scream racism, we all lose. However, if one side plays the race game and the other dosen't, they reap huge rewards and the other side gets swamped. That's what I think might be happening in the current democratic primaries, or at least that's starting to become the perception of what's happening.

The black vote has been Legion so far in supporting Obama. Even from the earliest states, he was picking up an overwhelming share of the vote from them. I haven't seen a single state with exit polling where he's managed to grab less than a 3 to 1 margin. This is especially telling considering that he's running against Clinton, whose family has had the most positive and tight relationship with the Black community bar none among the ranks of whitey. Before this year, could any of you have named a white politician who had more of the black support than the Clinton's? Despite all that, The percentage of the black vote they receive has diminished from contest to contest. It's been argued, mostly by blacks, that no president has done more for them than Bill Clinton. That he was, in fact, the first black president. Well, what we have here is an example showing that those accomplishments are what are only skin deep, and skin color runs to the bone.

Seeing that coalition line up, I don't think it's any surprise that the white vote has started to shift Clinton's way with greater and greater margins. That's always our instinct when we see someone else vote by group or vote by race, is to do the same. If you saw all the women voting in a block, it wouldn't be very long before the men started going in march step. It's just part of our psychology. The problem with identity politics though is that it only gets more hostile and polarized with time. It's one reason why I loathe hippies in general. It always seems to be one of their first fallback positions and before you know it, you have complete cocks like this asshole race baiting for all he's worth.

Sometimes I'm just really happy that I'm neither black nor white.
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Picture of the Day

I thought about starting this up again more than a few times but I realized pretty early on that I'd never be able to carry through with it. Still, I've run across a couple of real nutty pictures over the months and I should share at least some of them. This one falls into the category of 'HOLY WTF?!?!', so you should be warned. I'll put it behind a LJ cut just in case someone's delicate sensibilities can't handle it.

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To flip or not to flip

I think I've just about talked myself into an impulse purchase. I haven't wanted a piece of tech foolery like this in a long time, since I bought the PSP at a minimum and probably all the way back to when I got the DS. You see, it all started with Pepsi Points. I was entering some bottlecaps onto the website and decided to check out their sweepstakes. It turns out that one of the items they were having a contest for was a sort of mini camcorder called a Flip Ultra. I decided to take a look at the product description and it looks fantastic.

  • First and foremost, it's cheap. Amazon is selling it for only $143 right now and it has a retail price of $180.

  • It's incredibly easy to use. Just click a button to start, click a button to stop.

  • The video quality at 640x480 looks pretty fantastic.

  • It's got a 60 minute recording capacity on internal memory and has a one step USB popout so you can upload videos to your computer.

I've wanted a camcorder for a while now and I was never willing to pay the $1,000 pricetag needed for a good one. This fulfills almost all of my needs at a fraction of the price. I mean, it's not like I'm filming a major motion picture or something. I figure I'll use it for blogging on here and that's about it. So really, if you think about it, it's you who'd be the net beneficiary, right?

The only thing that's stopping me from buying it right now is I've been entering those Pepsi Stuff contests hoping to win one. Of course, since I'm only using one entry at a time my odds for winning are the same liklihood as being struck by lightning. Also, I'm trying to game the Amazon recommendation system, trying to get it to choose the flip for me so I can save an additional 5%. It might be spiffy to get in time for the Smirk and Dagger Tourney. I can shoot a montage of the games as they're running and show it to Curt.

Edited to add:

Alright. I pulled the trigger. It looks like the darn thing won't arrive for over a week though. Still, you can all expect to see video blogs soon.