March 19th, 2008

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The circle is complete

It's my birthday this Sunday just thinking about it gives me a case of the sads. It's not like I've ever been happy when birthdays have rolled around in the past, but that's combined with the fact that there seems less and less to be happy about each year. At best, I'm treading water in the great sharktank of life and I'm missing a limb or two. Sometimes I just wish that Chompy would get it over with already.

In other news, according to the tracking information the Flip Ultra arrived in Jersey City yesterday. That's not very far and if I'm lucky, it might actually get delivered sometime later today. That means I'll have it around to document the Smirk and Dagger tournament as well as my birthday. If the latter goes according to form the video will consist of 24 hours of me huddled under a mess of blankets and whimpering occasionally. Yay.
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The Flip Ultra is here. I've tested it out and so far everything looks pretty spiffy. I haven't had any real issues so far, though I'm a little concerned about where I'm eventually going to host these videos I take. I could pop them up to youtube I guess, but I don't exactly like the idea of strangers pawing through them. It's not that any of them will be all that interesting or anything, but if possible, I would like to be the one to control distribution.

I checked out the LJ scrapbook, but it dosen't seem to offer what I'm looking for. I could certainly store the files there, but it dosen't seem to be able to embed the videos the way I could with either youtube or goggle video.

The last option seems to be photobucket but their main limitation is that they only allow videos of up to 5 minutes in length or 100 megs in size. Neither of those are going to work out in the end, even if it embeds it properly. Actually, I'm testing it right now. I took a quick and useless video a bit earlier and it just finished uploading. Lets see if it actually pops up from photobucket:

Hmmm. Well, it looks like it works. Another downside is that it took a hell of a long time for it to upload and that was a very short video. I might also run out of storage space rather quickly using it. I certainly wouldn't want to have to start paying for it.

Well, if anyone has any suggestions, drop a comment. I'm going to head over and see if Google Video is any better than YouTube.

Edited to add:

Google for the win!

It allows you to upload videos without having them included in search results, so you can basically only find a video if you're given a link or follow a person's id. That's what I basically wanted and it seems to be as good as youtube as far as the interface goes.