March 21st, 2008

grumpy cookie

It never fails

I've only had the flip for a couple days and I'm already hit by buyer's remorse. Not because of the product, but I just got an email from Connie about the price dropping on Amazon. I purchased the black ultra for $142 and the white one's now selling for $135. Feh. I called Amazon's customer service line and got the entirely predictable response that I wasn't eligable for a price correction because mine was back and the one they're selling for cheaper is white. Who ever would have thought that color preference would have ended up costing me an additional $7.

I guess I could always stomp the one I have and return it claiming it was defective. That would net me free return shipping and then I could repurchase the white one and pocket $7. That's just a weee bit too extreme though. Oh well. I guess there's nothing I can do but live with it.

On a sidenote, the uploaded video to google was a lot more low-res than the one I've got on my desktop. It might have something to do with the conversion process it's put through as it uploads. At the moment, I can't think of anything I can do to address that, but if anyone out there has any ideas, let me know. Google video still seems to be the best option, even with the quality drop.
dance centipedes vagina

Emo crybabies

In case you weren't aware, the LJ content strike started today. Yes, it's another opportunity for whiny, self-important, teenieboppers to Fight The Power. Feh. What a bunch of spazzmonkeys. For all the bitching they do about LJ, I can't help wondering why they don't just fucking quit the site already. Hell, it might be nice if they did just to up the average age on the site and, maybe if we're lucky, jump a few IQ points as well.

Never it be said that I'm unwilling to sacrifice in order to do my part in this noble effort. For the rest of the day, I will make an entry every hour, on the hour. I figure that will at least double my output for a normal day. Besides, it makes me happy to think that I might be thwarting and canceling out the efforts of a couple emo whinealots.
dance centipedes vagina

Spring forward, Fall back

Eh, I just realized that since this 'content strike' started at midnight GMT, that it's already more than 2/3rds over from an EST perspective. If I just make entries every hour, I'm not sure that would really be enough to have an impact. So I figure I'll just toss one off whenever I feel like it instead.

Lets start it off with a poll.

I am choosing to....

participate in the content strike
participate in the content anti-strike
ignore both options because I'm lazy and/or don't give a flying fuck
no hippies

Even liberals think hippies are stupid

After a comment by smallvictories in her journal about a recent daily show segment, I did some googling and snagged a copy.

I have to say, I'm pretty surprised. I haven't watched the daily show or stephen cobert in quite a while now. The skew, which had always been lefty, had gotten a little too extreme for my tastes. It no longer seemed like they were equally satirizing the news anymore and it just became entertainment fit only for the dailykos crowd. I never would have thought they'd actually show those Code Pink whackjobs for what they are.
cat demon

Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1680

Purina is still absolutely certain that I have a cat. I just received another email today.


Your kitten xanadu is now 13 months old!

Oh behave! How to have a perfect cat.
Unlike their canine counterparts, cats don't typically attend obedience schools. Fortunately, good manners come second nature to most cats. The key to a well-behaved cat is being consistent with your discipline and praise. Should your cat start misbehaving, there's usually a reason. Cats don't understand human concepts like revenge so if xanadu suddenly starts acting up, it could be caused by stress, separation anxiety, or illness.

Ya, if you cat starts misbehaving by sucking out your soul, there's a good reason for that. It's eeeeevil. You should then discipline it by applying the old burlap sack and twisty-tie treatment. Then proceed to the nearest river.

While that seems to be the easiest way to deal with things, Purina seems to think that bribery works better. I'm just not sure that a handful of 'Whisker Lickin's' will keep them from serving Satan.
dance centipedes vagina


Anti-striking is hard. It requires me to actually do stuff. I'm sleepy. I wanna go take a nap. Someone take over and make entries for me instead. zzzZZZzzZz
discworld divide by cucumber

Ping, PONG, Ping, PONG.....

It's just back and forth with the tech support people at Pure Digital. They don't seem to have any idea what's wrong with the Flip Video's movie maker. So far, all the basic steps have been taken. Programs have been reloaded, firmware's been updated, versions have been checked, and still notta. The darn thing locks up each time I try it.

It's not a huge big deal at the moment, but at some point I'm going to have to have it sorted out. I guess I could always try to find a free-ware or share-ware video editor, but I might as well see if I can't get the one included up and working.
discworld divide by cucumber

The search goes on

Well, the flip issues continue. After a suggestion by the tech people, I tried plugging it into the desktop and had no problems there. It's just unlikely I'm ever going to use the desktop as a platform for it though. All the USB ports are cluttered together and there's no way to fit it in without disconnecting just about everything else. Not bad as a one shot attempt, but not something I'd have to do every single time I made a movie clip. I guess I really should just go and find some freebe video editing software.
gamer advance wars

Mega worms

Yay. A buncha new PSP games just arrived in the mail. Only one is actually new new, the rest are new used, which is just as good as new new and cheaper to boot. I picked up:

Mega Man: Powered up
Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
Lumines II
Worms: Open Warfare 2

I'll never really understand why I keep buying Mega Man games. In the entire history of the franchise, there was only one of them I was ever any good at. The rest are all a little too twitchy for me. It's like Ghost and Goblins. I always liked playing the game even though I never so much as made it out of stage 1. I just don't seem to do that well with games where you need to jump around avoiding things. Funny really. You'd think that were some sort of common asian trait based on some of the guys I saw in the arcade during my college earns. There would always be some chinese kid sporting bottle rim glasses playing 1943 and flying through what looked like a hailstorm of bullets without taking so much as a single hit. It was mind boggling. That was another game that I seldom made it out of the first level. At least I knew enough to not even attempt to buy the new Contra for the DS.

I guess what it comes down to it is that sometimes we just end up liking those things that we're really no good at. It becomes one of those nostalgia issues.

Welp, I'm off to give some of these games a whirl.
gamer tetris

The streak continues

Eh, I just gave Mega Man Powered Up a whirl and got my ass handed to me. Luckily, I was playing on 'normal' and there does seem to be a 'pansy' setting. I'll give it another try later and if things don't improve, I'll just switch to the girly difficulty. Mostly what I'm interested in is just testing the games out to make sure they all work and see how the gameplay is. I think I can already determine that I'm never going to be on the leader board with the Mega Man games.

So, it's only a hour left until the strike ends and I can stop making all these entries. Yay. I'm also looking forward to seeing what the stats will look like when the entries for the day are talliled. I'm really really hoping that there were actually more entries made today then on an average non-strike day. That would just make me happy. There's nothing like the LJ equivalent of union busting to put a smile on my face.
grumpy carebear

And that's that

So the strike is over and thus, my anti-strike as well. I've spent the past hour or so fiddling with Adobe and getting pissed. I've been meaning to work on a new userpic for a while now but needed to get an editor to fiddle with the fonts. I finally loaded up a copy of photoshop but I can't figure out how to edit the text. Each time I try to fiddle with it, I just end up adding more text. It's driving me bonkers. There's no good way to see how it actually looks on the background.

Anyway, until I sort it out, I put a quickie together of how it'll eventually look but hopefully with better font on the text.

Spiffy, no?