May 12th, 2008

chinese cherry

Another order of chicken feet please

So yesterday was sort of Mother's day part II. Since my mom had to watch the restaurant, it was my uncle's turn to take out my grandmother. I hadn't really been thinking much about it since forward planning is not really a part of my life anymore. I really do have this tendency to live moment to moment. That's sort of what happens whenever you have all this uncertainty hanging over your head with the whole medical issues. Anyway, Shelley asked if I wanted to come along with the whole lot of them around 15-20 minutes before they were supposed to leave and I had just rolled out of bed. It usually takes at least a hour before I can hope that my pills kick in and so the first part of the morning was not exactly a pleasant experience.

In the end, I got sort of lucky with the choice of restaurant. Everyone had decided they wanted to go get dim sum at at a place called Wonder Seafood. It's probably the best chinese restaurant hands down in the area. On the off chance you're reading this Lori, I still want to take you there at some point. Just give me a ring one of these days and enough warning ahead of time and we can plan a outing. Anyway, the place has started to really develop a reputation and when I got there, there were people spilling out the doors waiting for a table. There must've been at the minimum 30 people milling around outside waiting to get in and another 20-25 waiting inside. I can't remember the last time I've seen crowd that size waiting for a table anywhere. Because of the vastness of the crowd, I was able to sit in the car and give my meds more time to start working. I didn't exactly time it but it was at least another 30 minutes before we got a table and everyone else had already been waiting for quite some time since I got there late.

The meal itself was spiffy as always. I <3 dim sum. It's impossible not to. It really does live up to its name. (For those of you unaware, dim sum generally translates as a touch/token of the heart) After the meal ended, everyone was planning to head back to my grandmother's for dessert but I noticed that my pills were missing. I'm still not sure exactly what happened to them, though I might have ended up leaving them at the Panera on saturday in my rush to get home. Without pills, there was no way I could stick around. I had been planning to run some other errands but those plans were stymied as well.
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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1731

I think I want to borrow someone's cat. I'm not quite sure how you would usually go about something like that. It's not exactly like going next door and asking if you could have a cup of sugar or borrow a ladder. Still, I think it's absolutely vital that I manage to acquire myself a cat and a giant roll of masking tape. I ran across this video last night and I'm really anxious to give it a try.

You've just gotta love the japanese. They come up with some of the most interesting things. I'm curious to find out if you wrap the cat's entire body with tape, does it implode.
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Video of the Day

I stumbled across the following video while watching youtube videos about taping cats. For some reason, just through following the related video suggestions taping cats => goat licking electric fence => dogs barking at invisible fence => humans being shocked by invisible fence => people using cattleprods on themselves => this video. It's got everything. Morons in pain, tasers, half nekkid girls, etc. You really do have to wonder about these women though. It's one thing for guys to get together and electrocute one another. You have to wonder about the sanity of women who agree to strip down to their underwear and also be tasered.

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