June 27th, 2008

zoloft sad

So good and then....

Well, the night has not ended all that well. I just got up a hour ago after finally having gotten some additional and much needed sleep. Unfortunately, I woke up in an amazing amount of pain. I ended up pulling the equivalent of the panic button and popped a pretty extreme handful of pills. I've been checking my stash and it looks like it's going to be relatively tight as to whether I'll have enough to get me through the con. I should be okay, but it means that I'll have pretty much nothing by the time I get home.

Today had been going so well as far as pain management goes too. I was about as functional as I ever get for most of the day. Everything was fine in fact until I got back to the room and went to sleep. I woke up at the near other extreme and slammed back a percocet, a vicodin, codeine, steroids, and a handful of ibuprofen to boot. I didn't know which one would do the trick and I just decided to use the scattershot method of pain relief. I can feel some small indications it's having an effect but the pain is still way too massive to really deal with. I can only grit my teeth and try to ride through it. The only reason I'm tapping out this message is an attempt to try to distract my mind from contemplating the pain. It's a minimal effect at best. At least while I'm trying to type it means I can't reach for the bic pen in my badge holder and try to drive it through my eye and into my brain. Sadly, that's about the only backup plan I have for if these pills don't kick in faster.

The really crappy part is it had really been such a good day. I guess I'm just paying for it now. I don't really see any reason to taint this horror and bitchfest with positive reminiscences so I'll recap the rest of the day in another entry. I took quite a lot of video today, enough so that I might actually have to buy some replacement batteries for the flip. I don't think it's going to last through the rest of the con at this rate. It just galls me to have to pay convention center prices for batteries. I just know I'm going to get reamed for it.