July 3rd, 2008

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I'm feeling crappy. That could probably be inferred from the fact it's almost 5am and I'm up and posting entries. There are seldom good and happy things that people find they need to write on LJ at this time of night. It's not like it's anything truly horrible but I'm just feeling a bit crappy. It started with general pain issues, but I finally got the codeine refills around 9pm last night and while it took a while to kick in, I'm not currently in any pain. My stomach feels a bit wonky though. You know that weird hollow feeling where you get the impression your stomach is churning and churning around nothing and is perhaps trying to eat itself? Usually I associate that sort of feeling with hunger, but I'm pretty sure I'm not hungry. That being the case, I can't quite figure out why my stomach keeps rolling over. It's a sort of unpleasant feeling and drinking water hasn't settled it down. I might have to go and find something to eat just to see if that will make it shut up.

Anyway, other than that, I just finished listening to the audiobook of Dean Koontz's Forever Odd earlier tonight. I think vala_amaris once sent me a copy of one of his books in that series, but I have no clue where it might be now. I snagged a copy on the spur of the moment after getting back from Origins and I liked the first one enough to try the second. I'm sort of enamored with the name Bronwen at the moment, and Stormy's character in general. I'm not usually one for the whole destiny says we'll be together forever sort of sappy crap (well, not anymore anyway) but I found the relationship between Odd and Stormy pretty touching. You just knew that it was going to end as a clusterfuck though. Nothing gold can stay. (-Robert Frost)

I just don't get how some people manage to truck along with their lives given all the crap. Sometimes, the urge to just drive off the road and over a cliff seems almost overwhelming. I mean, what's the point of it all anyway?
dance centipedes vagina

I still say the limeys did it

I thought I'd try to be a bit topical today. I was just looking through CNN and saw that the Portuguese police are finally going to close the case on Madeleine McCann. Frankly, it's probably well past time since they've been beating that dead horse for ages. There hasn't been a lead that's provided any new information in at least a year. I followed along pretty closely in the early days of the investigation and I'm still with those who say the parents did it. As much as movies and thriller novels would like to make us think otherwise, strangers don't usually walk into other people's homes and wander off with their children. The fact that the parents just happen to have left a freaking three year old and a pair of two year olds by themselves in a house so they could go out drinking with friends just tells you that something's not quite kosher. Seriously, who the fuck does something like that anyway?

The real kicker as far as I'm concerned is that no body was ever found. That really does suggest that whoever offed the kid had plenty of time to plan and dispose. I've never bought those assertions that some ring of pedophiles kidnapped her for use in their toddler sex rings. I mean, there are craploads of kids out there and probably poor parents willing to sell them to you. You'd have to be a complete idiot to swipe the kid of a tourist if you wanted to get away with the crime. Even if it were some sort of impulse snatch and grab, it's just hard to believe that you could dispose of the body so well in a short period of time that it's never found without any sort of planning. My personal theory is the kid kicked the bucket, likely through overdose or child abuse, and the parents pitched her into the ocean with a fisher price anchor tied around her neck. I have no good evidence for that idea but there's just no possibility of this being a stranger abduction and murder. The police supposedly found faint traces of her blood in the house. What kinda freak who just happens to walk past a house wanders in, kills/bloodies a kid, cleans up after themselves, and then carries the body out the door with them?

In the end, we'll never know exactly what happened. It's like the John Benet Ramsey case all over again. It's odd, but in that situation I believed the parents had notta to do with it. I dunno why exactly but something about the McCann's just give me the willies. I just don't like them nor find them trustworthy in any way. At least with all this publicity we can be pretty sure they won't kill their remaining kids. Well, not without an airtight alibi ready anyway.

Who killed/abducted Madeleine McCann?

Her ratfink parents
Stranger danger
Osama Bin Laden
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Stargate: Continuum

Welp, it looks like someone over at MGM screwed the pooch again. I just finished watching a fabulous and complete version of Stargate: Continuum, the direct to DVD stargate movie that's not supposed to be out for another 3 weeks and change. Some of you might recall that I also got to see Stargate: The Ark of Truth early though in that case it was almost two months ahead of time but at least consisted of a yet unfinished version which didn't have all the shots and special effects added. Frankly, I wasn't impressed with The Ark of Truth, and I'm happy to report that Continuum does better.

Still, regardless of the script quality, I just don't see how the movie studios keep managing to leak these dvd's before their release dates. Many fans are happy to spend their money to support the series, but you can't expect them to wait when they know they can get their stargate fix now and for nothing to boot. At best, you can only hope that some few people will still buy the dvd after watching the pirated version. I, however, am not one of those people. I just can't see paying for it when I can get it for free. Not to mention that of all the dvd's I have bought in my life, I've only actually watched perhaps 3% of them. I still have bunches of sealed movies sitting around from a decade back. I'm just not one of those people who can usually sit through a movie more than once or who won't obsessively hit the fast forward button given the option. I can usually shrink most movies down to at least half the size by speeding through the boring parts.

Anyway, back to Stargate: Continuum for a moment. It was pretty spiffy for all that it was another time travel schtick. I love time travel episodes but it just seems that they've had too many of them recently. They're fun because you get to change everything and operate outside the box, but they have to be used sparingly. Since the finale to SG1 was also a time travel episode in effect, it just seemed too soon to do another one. I was really hoping for a giant space armada war instead, which is probably my favorite sci-fi trope. Almost all of my favorite episodes from various sci-fi series have been the ones where there are huge space battles like the Klingon attack of DS9 or the entire second half of season 4 of Babylon 5. I just love the idea of flying a space ship into battle and offloading lasers or phasers or quantum torpedoes at the enemy. Given a choice, sometimes I think that I would love to be a fighter pilot more than anything else. A ridiculous sort of dream but I can just imagine the thrill of it all. Besides, if all else fails you can always kamikaze the rat bastards and that sort of appeals to me too.