August 23rd, 2008

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I just remembered that I have some of the pictures I took in Chicago already uploaded to the computer. At one point, John had to get a set of pictures off of my camera so he could use them for our Killer Breakfast shtick. While at the local Kinko's, he had them burn a copy of my camera's flash drive to cd and I was able to copy the pictures to my laptop. This bypassed that obnoxious no-vista problem I've been having and means that I can start sorting photos while still down with the plague.

I'm not sure if any of you remember from a while back when I was talking about a piece of beef tendon that looked like a pair of pants? Well, now that I have my pictures, I can finally show you said tendon.

I mean, that looks a lot like a pair of meat pants, right?

I still don't have access to the pictures from gencon itself, but I figure it'll take me a long while just to work through the ones I do have from chicago.
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And now for a word from our sponser

Well, okay, I know I should be working on putting together those Chicago photo recaps but I've sort of gotten hooked on the Olympics. That might seem sort of strange considering that it's almost over with only a day left to go. That would be a downer if I were trying to watch the events live. Instead, in order to increase their profits, NBC has partnered with microsoft to basically rebroadcast every single minute of every single event a la carte. All it took was a quick download of some new MS program called Silverlight and now I can watch whatever event I want from start to finish. As you can imagine, most of them don't have commentary and I was just trying to puzzle my way through on my own. It wasn't exactly difficult for events like softball or beach volleyball but it was sort of hard to figure out what the hell was going on with the fencing and taekwondo events. I'm still not sure I have a grasp of all the penalties and whatchamacallits.

Currently, I'm watching the women's triathlon and I have no clue why. I just find the various events to be a great time waster. It's just like having a radio or tv drone on in the background. Besides, watching these events have already taught me a lot of things. First, it's taught me that badminton isn't nearly as sissy as I thought it was. It may still look sort of pansy but that changes immediately the first time you get a shuttlecock traveling 200 mph coming straight at your head. I've also learned that I can't tell what the hell is going on in table tennis matches, there are a fucking lot of asians in archery, and the chinese must have some seriously advanced eugenics program going. They have some of the smallest (supposed) 16 year olds I have ever fucking seen in the form of their female gymnasts and on the opposite end of the spectrum, one of their female volleyball players looks like she could cave in a man's skull with her pinky finger.

The only downside to watching the events this ways is I know ahead of time who's won. Even if I don't peek at the scoreboard, the header of the darn video usually gives away the final result right from the start. In a way, I guess that's handy just so I don't end up suffering unnecessary stress. Still, it would be nice to root for a team, uncertain of the end result.

I haven't completely let the picture recap slide btw. I spent some time last night resizing the images and uploading them to LJ's scrapbook. I figure I'll start the whole recap process within the next day or so.
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Fuck you, hollywood

Those sons of bitches at the Scifi channel just fucking canceled Stargate Atlantis! What the fuck are those whoresons thinking? First they axe Stargate SG1 just when it had gotten back on track with the cast changes and was finally kicking ass and now they kill Atlantis just as it's getting good. Well, getting better anyway. Fucking assholes. Atlantis was just about the only tv show I still watched, at least until season 7 of The Shield starts in a couple more weeks.

The most obnoxious part about this decision is that while they're killing Atlantis, they've just greenlit a new Stargate series they're calling Universe. I can only imagine that they figure by recruiting a cast full of new nobodies they can save on salaries and have to pay less per episode. Isn't that the same asinine thinking that got SG1 axed in favor of Atlantis? Now less than 2 years later Atlantis gets the chop for Universe. Hell, in another year we'll hear that Universe is canceled so some degenerate shitsucking morons can run Stargate: The Mickey Mouse Club.

The plot for this new Stargate Universe is that a bunch of people on earth are stuck on an Ancient ship in another part of the universe and can't manage to get home because of the huge distances involved. Errr, didn't Star Trek already float this cinematic abortion? They called it Voyager as I recall. The series responsible for killing the Star Trek franchise as far as I'm concerned. Even worse, the producers were interviewed about this project and they kept mentioning how one of their main goals is to attract a younger audience. For fuck's sake. We're going to get a god damn version of Stargate: 90210. Why don't they just save money and buy the new 90210 cast off of the WB or whatever reject station is going to be showing it and blast them off into space.

These assholes are really pissing me the fuck off.
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Small and bitter

So I was looking at the Olympic medal counts, mostly just to see how the battle between the US and China was going. I check the standings at least once a day, mostly because I'm curious whose predictions about the count will play out. Before the games started a bunch of economists all took a swing at the prediction game, trying to decipher the end totals. I didn't take too close a look at the article but I remember that one of the predictions had a huge US decline and a Chinese surge. I've been checking up just to see how close to the truth they got.

Since I've been looking at the US and China totals, I've mostly been looking at the top of the list. The two countries are #1 and #2 after all and I don't even rove my eyes over the remaining top 10 countries, much less what's available only if I click the 'see more' button to expand the list. Today I decided to buck that trend and see how many medals some of our smaller neighbors have managed to scoop up. I noticed that Iran had two, Israel snagged one, and even Afghanistan picked up one. That made me sort of curious which is the smallest, most insignificant country to still pick up a medal. I decided to award the prize to Mauritius, a nation so small I had never even heard of it before. It managed to pick up a bronze in boxing, which I imagine if you based medals on a per capita basis, is a huge score.

Don't know where Mauritius is? Don't worry. Neither did I until I fiddled around with google maps. I even made a little animation to pinpoint its location so that you didn't have to take the time out to search.

Churning out the 3rd best boxer in that weight class from a country that's barely 20 miles wide is a pretty good accomplishment I would think.

Oh, in case anyone out there still needs a nominee for douche of the day/week/month, I would like to suggest this Cuban asshat. A crazy ass Cuban competing for bronze in Taekwondo apparently didn't like the fact that people only get a minute for injury time outs. When he tried to take more time, he was disqualified. To show his contempt, he proceeded to kick the head referee in the face.

Do you believe this shit? He also attacked another ref and spit on the mat before they managed to herd his deranged ass out of the stadium. Him and his coach have been banned for life from competition and their standings at the Olympics scrubbed. Frankly, I think it would only have been fair if they also delivered a monumental ass kicking as well. After the whole thing was over, the fucker's coach claimed that their opponent had been offering bribes. Yeah, like anyone's going to buy that you fucking retard. I hope the Castro brothers execute your sorry ass once you get back to the island.