September 7th, 2008

no hippies

Crazy Hippies

Here's a video courtesy of lucystrawberry, selling out some of her leftist peeps for my enjoyment.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Well, if you're a sane person you're first thinking that these people are crazy whackjobs who could use a psychological exam. The second thing you're thinking is, 'Is this video a fake?'. I mean, people like this couldn't actually exist, right? It must be some sort of mockumentary.

Well, if you search on google for the woman named in the video, Syndee L'ome Grace, you do get a bunch of hits associated with hippie causes and leftist bullshit. Of course, anyone making such a parody could have just borrowed her name. I searched a bit further and found that the woman usually uses an alias for most of her activist work. She usually goes under Syndee L'ome Eartheart. Google that and you can get an image of her to come up.

It looks like an exact match to the woman in the clip. That means that at the very least the interview is real and it makes it far more likely that these crazy nutjobs do exist. Truth is stranger than fiction.
stargate whacko


I've been watching every single Stargate Atlantis episode in order over the past week and I got to thinking, I'm a big fan of the franchise but I don't really do much more than watch the show. I might make a blog post about it here and there, but that's about it. In fact, I've never been much of a joiner when it comes to the various fandoms. I've never been to a star trek, star wars, stargate, or any sci-fi convention. In fact, that only cons I go to are gaming cons which you can argue are more about being able to do things than simply revel in fandom. It's like the difference between going to an amusement park and going to a museum. In one, there are events and rides and you get to participate. In the other, you more or less passively absorb information.

That being the case, I got to thinking about souvenirs and collectibles. I don't usually bother with such things because they just end up being dust collectors, not to mention usually costing an arm and a leg in the process. I'd probably end up spending a good chunk of time worrying that it'd accidentally get damaged, screwing the resale value. I was watching Trekkies a while back and marveling at how much some people were willing to pay for things like a Klingon's headbumps. Hell, one crazy nutjob bid something like $100 just to get a half-empty glass of water that John D'lancy had drunk from.

Still, I can't help but watch some of these tv shows and wish I could have some of the items shown. Think about it. Wouldn't it be cool as hell to have one of those light-up ZPMs for your very own? Or maybe one of the custom paintings that were made for the show like the one in the episode Harmony. There are just all sorts of cool little items that it would just be amazing to own just for the novelty value. Frankly, I'd love to turn that fucking ZPM into like the coolest desk lamp ever. I still remember when jirel re-posted someone's report that while digging in a scrap/junk yard, he managed to find a replica of the stargate that the production company had obviously tossed out. Lucky son of a bitch.

Oh well. If one of you ever runs across a ZPM prop and doesn't want it. Feel free to give me a ring. Anyone else have any tv/movie props that you'd just love to get your hands on?