November 13th, 2008

garfield trick or treat

Oink Oink

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it before but Maddie was born during the year of the Golden Fire Pig according to the chinese lunar calender. Such an event only comes once every 600 years. Here's a snippet about it from a website:

Chinese Zodiac says that the Year of the Golden Fire Pig comes only once every 600 years and rumor has it, 2007 is this special year. It is Golden because the combination of elemental Fire, the sign Pig, and Yin/Yang components bring this year once every six centuries!

It is said that children born under this sign will live in comfort as wealth and luck are always near. The Fire Pig is known to have traits of wealth, prosperity, luck and fertility but people in Korea and China have taken this “Golden” prophecy to new levels. Reports indicate that fertility is on the rise – over 10% in Korea and China – sparking the onslaught of everything from websites for “Golden Pig Mothers” to hotels creating special maternity “stay” packages for Fall 2007.

It's because of this auspicious coincidence that when Connie was looking for a Halloween costume, the suggestions almost immediately focused on a pig costume.

Pretty spiffy.