December 6th, 2008

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I'm feeling relatively blah today. I feel sort of blah most days but it seems a bit more pronounced this time around. Shelley came and dropped off the hillbilly heroin refill last night which allowed me to sleep to 8am this morning instead of the customary 5am. I've been waking up at 5am for the entire week so far and trust me, that's not a great hour to wake via pain. Well, actually, I'm not sure any hour of the day is a good one to be woken by stabbing pain but 5am is just a little more suck than most of the others. Without the slow release meds, I had just been popping larger amounts of codeine and oxy, and neither of them were enough to get me through a complete sleep cycle. It's beyond obnoxious to be woken up and exhausted, yet be completely unable to get back to sleep. I usually just have to putter about until the meds kick back in and that usually takes a couple of hours. I had been hoping that the reintroduction of the hillbilly heroin would have bought me a bit more time than a measly 3 hours, but them's the breaks.

A while back I picked up a couple cases of Amp for free and I decided to try to foist them off on someone on Craigslist. I just don't get energy drinks. They've never provided any boost that I can feel the few times I've tried them and they usually have the equivalent caloric content if you simply served a can of lard. I'm hardly a calorie counter, but it seems ridiculous to drink something that's packing that much sugar and doesn't even taste good. If it's going to be a ridiculous serving of sugar, it should at least resemble a boston cream pie or something.

Anyway, someone responded to the ad saying they wanted to come over and pick it up this morning. I'm not exactly holding my breath here. I think it's a safe assumption that 90% of the people on Craigslist are freaking flakes. At first I was a bit ansy about even handing out my home address, but I decided it wasn't worth the effort of picking a neutral place to meet. At least this way I can be stood up at home rather than having made the effort to actually go somewhere. There's only a half hour left until 'morning' is officially over and I think the odds are good I'm still stuck with the Amp. Feh.
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Tinkle Tinkle

I just got back from the local supermarket and my first coinstar experience. They're running a promo where if you convert $40 worth of change into a gift certificate, you can get another $10 free as a rebate. Considering how much money I end up spending at Amazon, a gift certificate is just as good as cash and I can always use a little extra.

It was sorta fun mucking with the coinstar machine. I always used to like those coin sorting banks you got as a kid that would separate your change into different columns. I do think that the machine might have shortchanged me though. I made pretty sure that I had just enough quarters to make 2 exchanges of $40 each. It ended up telling me that 3 of my quarters were, in fact, nickels and there was also a magical penny that appeared out of nowhere. I might have possibly messed up mistaking a nickel for a quarter, but I can't see how a penny would have gotten in there. I ended up having to scramble about looking for loose change to make up the difference. It was a pretty close thing too. I ended up with a dime and a few pennies spare.

Welp, the rebates will go out in the mail on monday and I'll hopefully get my $20 in 6-8 weeks. If you're interested in capitalizing on the deal, you only have one day left. You have to make the trade-in by tomorrow and then mail the form before the 7th of January.
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Not as I might have hoped

So I tried taking a video with the Flip Mino and I have to admit I'm a little disapointed. It doesn't seem to be as much improved as it was billed to be as far as video quality goes. I dunno quite what to make of it really. Take a look and let me know what you think.