December 15th, 2008

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Things have been moderately crappy lately. I'm not sure why exactly but I've been waking up with some really obnoxious back pain. I can't exactly pinpoint why, but it makes regaining consciousness doubly unpleasant. I've always been a little worried about back issues. My other pain problems make it hard for me to stand up straight most times. That means that I'm always a little bent over and not only is that exhausting but it's hard on my back muscles. My mom has always been afraid that this sort of hunched walking will one day end up as the functional equivalent of scoliosis. I don't see anything that can be done about it so, as per my want, I ignore it. It's only when I get these occasional backpain issues that it's thrust back into the spotlight.

I have an appointment with the pain doctor tomorrow and maybe I'll mention it to him. The only problem there is I think I know what he would recommend and I'm dead set against it. I don't want to have to go muck about with physical therapy. I'm not sure it'd do any good to start with and regular appointments would be a pain in the ass. Hell, maybe if I'm lucky he'll just give me a handful of different pills. Better living through pharmacology.

Oh, and I'm happy to report that 4 of the Blokus 3D games have sold. That's about the only thing that's been going well.
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Lets stay in for the movies

It's been a real movie bonanza tonight on network tv. I've watched a bit of mission impossible 2, saw most of mission impossible 3, and just finished watching oceans 11. Since I don't go out to the movies much anymore, all of these were new to me and I was pretty entertained for the most part. Tv movies have gotten much better then they used to be. I still remember as a kid when the only thing on network cable was B-movie crap. Now it seems that everything makes a tv debut if you're just willing to wait long enough for it.

As for the individual films themselves, I guess I should first say that I was surprised I liked MI 3. I'm hardly a Tom Cruise fan and I heard the movie bombed in theaters compared to expectations. A lot of people attributed it at the time to the fact he went insane on Oprah and the whole Scientology thing. I just don't get why people fucking care about whether or not he's a scientologist. You don't see scientologists going around blowing up school buses full of kids nor selling dope on street corners. Fuck, I'd love it if most of the world were scientologists if that sort of pattern held true. Instead, he seems to have gotten a shitload of grief over it and I heard that the German government even declared scientology a cult. They put huge roadblocks in his way for filming that latest film, Valkyrie, just because he's a proponent of the religion. Sometimes, people are just assholes for no good reason IMO. The most annoying part is that those who often jump on this cult idea are often those who normally claim to espouse a live and let live ideology. Fucking hypocrites for the most part.

I seem to have gone a bit far afield there. Back to the point. I liked the movie more than I was expecting to. I never used to be a big fan of those sort of spy vs spy movies but the advent of special effects and technology make them a lot more entertaining. I also enjoyed Oceans 11, which is sort of in the same vein really. It's all about a group of people who use tech and extreme planning skills to reach their goals. It's almost like a techy version of a martial arts flick. You know it would never work out in real life, but it's fun to watch the choreographed ballet.

The only thing that really ticked me off about the film was the whole 160 million thing. They even have one of the characters mention that it would be impossible to just prance in and out of the vault with that much cash. Why in the world did none of the writers consider how much 160 million dollars actually weighs? It was very intuitive that there was no way in hell they would just be able to carry out the damn money in a handful of duffel bags. A quick google search found that any US paper bill weighs about 1 gram. Even if we assume that there were only $100 bills in the vault, this would still mean that less than a dozen people carried out 3500 pounds of money. Frankly, I think it would be asking a lot for each duffel to have more than 50 pounds in it and each man could only take one. It might look a little suspicious if the SWAT team started to resemble a moving company. I don't exactly recall how many of the guys actually went in to retrieve the cash but lets assume it was all eleven of them (minus George Clooney because he had to get back tot he ass kicking room). 10 men, 50 pound bag each would mean that each person could cart off 2.27 million. Not a bad payday for sure, but nowhere near what they supposedly dragged out of there. It's always these little incongruities that tick me off about movies. It's also ridiculous that whatshisface the guy they ripped off didn't know for certain that Clooney had been among the group that ripped him off. Julia Roberts all but says she saw him pick the money over her. The only way she could have seen that is if someone had hacked into the video cameras and the ones who did that were obviously the thieves who had robbed him. THe connection should have been incredibly easy to make. How else could she have seen the exchange up in her room? It's not like there had been time for the rumor mill to circulate, nor was she in the control center for eye in the sky and saw it first hand. He should have pegged Clooney as one of the thieves, taken him to an undisclosed location and beaten the truth out of him. Feh.

Even with the complaints, I did enjoy movie night. God knows I had nothing else interesting to do and since I don't see many first run films anymore, all of it's new to me. I'm trying to decide whether I should go snag Oceans 12 and 13 now that I've seen the first and liked it.