December 24th, 2008

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Always expect the unexpected

I just purchased 50 New Jersey Nets tickets for a little over a dollar a pop. Ticketmaster was having some sort of insanely discounted offer and I couldn't help myself. I have no clue how easy it'll be to flip sports tickets but I can't lose at around a dollar a ticket, right? I mean, how bad could the Nets suck this year that I can't find someone willing to at least pay $10 for what is listed as an $80 ticket.

Then again, this could all just be a complete fubar on ticketmaster's part. God knows that's certainly a possibility. Oh well, We'll just have to see how it goes.
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Save me, Jebus!

It hasn't been much of a Christmas eve this year. In fact, it's a lucky thing that I had a feelingectomy earlier this year or I might even be a little depressed about it all. One of the nice things about having a life that's on the skids is that things don't seem to matter as much. You can't fixate on any particular bad event in your life because you know that the next bad event is just around the corner and it's not worth the energy to concentrate on any particular bad event. Still, at least tomorrow will be interesting. I guess I just end up missing the meaning that Christmas eve had when I was a kid. Nowadays, there's no tree, no presents and no anticipation of something joyous. It's just another day in the bleak darkness of winter.