December 29th, 2008

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“It's been a pretty crappy day. Crappy enough, I don't even feel like typing. So I thought I'd voice person say it, well save myself the effort. It didn't start out all that bad. I finally had gotten quiet a bit of sleep, you know ___ the other night and then that jaw sprain happened which is kind of obnoxious and then a little later on I started to feel kinda lonely which is sort of an unusual emotion for me now the more sleep than the other night. I mean it's not like I'm always surrounded by people ___ but I don't really feel lonely any more kinda like I've almost grown out of it but I felt a little well lonely enough to call you over today and then the rest of the day has just been kinda blah, popping pain meds not feeling all that fantastic and just kind of blah. About the only good thing that happened today is I finally remembered to Goggle search for a, the lyrics to a song that I used to really like as a kid and I found it. So I'll post a ___ about that later at least nothing else but yeah it's been a pretty blah sort of day.”

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