December 31st, 2008

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One of the downsides of being a shut-in

I finally dragged myself out today in sub arctic weather to mail a couple of packages from ebay sales and to stop by a Borders so I could redeem a $15 credit that expires at midnight. Brisk doesn't even begin to describe it. Maybe I should have taken a quick look at my desktop weather gadget before I stepped out the door. If I had, I would have seen that it's currently 22 degrees out but only 3 degrees once you factor in windchill. Anyway, it took forever to warm up the car enough so that the ice on the windshield melted to a point where I could see out of it.

I made my way to the post office and hauled the packages to the door only to discover that they had closed at noon. I carried the packages back to the car and then set off to Borders. 15 minutes latter, I arrived in the strip mall only to find that the big red Borders sign had been torn down and the place was empty and deserted. I have no clue when they shuttered their doors but I obviously missed it. It's a pretty common happenstance since it's not like I go out shopping very often nowadays. Stores go up and stores come down. Things change practically in my own backyard and I often don't find out about it until weeks or months later.

So it was a complete waste of my time and a crapload of effort for nothing. It just about sums up the entire year really. Well, not quite. If I had gotten a flat tire along the way and then pistolwhipped by a mugger, that might be a more accurate comparison.
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You're so sharp, you'll cut yourself

The Nets tickets arrived in the mail today. I had just about forgotten about the darn things and felt a sinking feeling when I opened them. I hadn't paid overly much attention when I bought them as to when the games were. For some reason, I had the impression that the first one wasn't until the middle of January and most were a couple weeks later than that. It seems my memory was faulty. The first game is on the 5th, the second the 7th and the rest all fire in close succession. The odds of me actually being able to offload them have just shrunk. Chances are, I'll end up eating either the whole lot or close enough. Feh.

Anyone know people in the area who want to go see the Nets? At this point, I should just get some people together and go to the game but I don't think I could find anyone actually interested in tagging along. It's to the point where I don't think I could give away these tickets. Well, there's $55 down the toilet.