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The little moron in north korea

I was just reading something yesterday that the food shortage in north korea has reached a critical point and that the government there has begun to hand out starvation rations. God knows exactly in how many ways the government there is fouling up but what we've seen through history is that starvation is almost always due to something other than a lack of food, at least nowadays anyway. Whether it's warlords or the lack of infrastructure or crushing taxes. The result is the same but the symptoms change from screwed up government to screwed up government. I caught another quick news blurb claiming the government in north korea was designing some sort of seaweed based candy for their children since they're all undernourished as well.

Into the face of this couple of interesting gacts, I found this site through stumble that shows us what Kim Jong Il has been doing with some of the countrie's money. Proproganda Videos. Man, I'll bet that's money well spent. I will admit that it's got a catchy sort of tune but I can't help but wonder why north koreans don't flip out when they see that this crap is what money is being spent on. Will they eventually place the blame where it belongs or do they still believe the government line that it's the US starving the people and keeping the country down? Surely they must catch glimpses across the border and hear stories about life in the south. How do they reconcile that prosperity with what they deal with daily.

Oh well. I figure we should just sit out and call Kim's bluff. He can detonate all the nuclear tests he wants as far as I'm concerned. There's not much we can do about it short of starting another war, and the only country with leverage dosen't want to apply it. That may be the one good thing about millions starving to death. More north koreans will flee across the border to china and hopefully break what is already a near untenable situation there. At that point China will have to act.

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