January 13th, 2009

hot fuzz oh thit!

I wonder if this is what insanity is like

I feel incredibly strange. I'm not sure what's wrong exactly but it's started ever since I woke up yesterday. Everything just feels....wrong. the sensation is especially strong in both of my arms, but mostly the right one. I can't really describe it. It's as if they're...buzzing, or maybe vibrating. I know that sounds insane and it doesn't really describe the sensation anyway. Another description I came up with earlier is it's as if my arms were full of thousands upon thousands of fizzy soda bubbles, all of them foaming and bursting like soda poured into a glass. That sounds even more insane than the first description. I don't know what's happening but it's a really unpleasant feeling. It's worse when I'm not doing anything, like when I'm trying to sleep. I haven't been able to get back to sleep since I last woke up 20 hours ago because every time I try, the buzzing drives me crazy. It's like I'm hyperaware of my arms for some damn reason. They're not any more sensitive to touch or anything but it constantly feels like something is going on with them. I've tried all sorts of things but just can't get rid of the sensation. I think that it could end up driving me insane.
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Nuts to the lot of them

I just got an email from one spazzcase that I'm acquainted with. I'll spare you the whole thing but I think the opening couple of sentences give you the gist.

Inauguration Day, 2009 will be America's most important civic holiday since at least the Bicentennial, over 30 years ago. That's worth taking the day off work (if you can) and joining in a celebration

I'll admit I find it baffling. It's the same sensation I would get if someone told me a comet was going to swing by and pick him and his friends up and to get ready they had to hack off their ding-dongs. Clearly someone has been drinking the Kool-aid in obscene quantities.

Now, it could very well come to pass that Barrack Obama turns out to be the greatest American president in history. For all anyone knows, in the next 4 (or 8) years, he will personally end war across the world, eliminate hunger and poverty, and we'll discover that his fingernail clippings are a cure for cancer. All of this is potentially possible and if it did come to pass then the celebration of his presidency after it ended would indeed be a great civic holiday and reason for celebration. To make that ridiculous claim now, before he's done absolutely anything as president, and hasn't even so much as walked through the door, is spastic. If you ever needed some proof that Obama supporters are more a cult than a political movement, this is a good example.

Have you see any of those ridiculous infomercials on tv lately? They're all over the place selling Obama commemorative plates and coins and all sorts of hokey knickknacks. If you've wondered to yourself who in the world would be stupid enough to spend their money on things like that, well, welcome to the insanity. I really don't get these people.

It's just a pity that the only person on the ol' friends list who can probably even appreciate this is mutton_mcnutt and she's rarely on these days. From what I've seen, the preponderance of the rest of you are also consuming the kool-aid in quantities ranging from sip to gulp. So how many of you are insane enough to be gathering to celebrate the "most important civic holiday' in over 30 years? Feel free to share your stories of crazy excess. How many of you have already erected your Obama shrine in the corner of your bedroom?