February 4th, 2009

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Nothing's better than free

So I did end up going to a Denny's to partake of a classic American tradition, that of getting cheap and/or free crap through be willing to wait in lines. I was actually sort of disappointed there weren't more people out there. I thought it would be like a circus sort of atmosphere with lines around the block, but the entire wait only took like 15 minutes. It might have had something to do with the snow that was still falling this morning, or perhaps everyone was so afraid of the monster crowds they decided to pass.

I ended up going with my mom, my uncle, and maddie. They were going to be watching her anyway and Connie didn't object to the idea of me dragging her daughter through the elements in order to mooch a breakfast. Out of all of us, I'm almost certain that Maddie had the best time in the end. She got to eat quite a lot of pancakes (for her size), she played almost endlessly with the half 'n half creamers, and even got to pull the hair of the woman sitting in the booth behind her. That's a pretty full morning no matter how you slice it.

The breakfast itself wasn't anything to really write home about. As I mentioned in the video, I didn't even want it by the time we got on the road. I was feeling blah and was really worried about a 'reversal of fortune' if I ate anything. That didn't happen thank god, but it was still an unpleasant feeling for quite a while. Does that happen to anyone else? Even missing a day's worth of sleep will almost always make me nauseous before anything else. I know some people end up feeling headachey, but I skip almost immediately to ralphing.

Anyway, back to breakfast. The whole thing was free except for the drinks. I'm not a huge fan of coffee and was fine with water but the waitress brought and charged me for one anyway. $1.85 for a cup of coffee from a Denny's is criminal IMO. Considering the meals themselves were gratis, I can't exactly complain. All in all, I wouldn't do it again for the food, but I would for the experience. I don't exactly get to venture out all that often and it was a fun little highlight in my week.

(The video is currently spooling up and then uploading. I'll pop it into the entry as soon as it finishes.)