February 18th, 2009

zoloft sad

I have the sads

I think it's all pootie_pie's darn fault too. I have this tendency to get the sads whenever I see other normally chipper people get the sads. The thinking usually runs something like this. If they get the sads, then I should be suicidally depressed because my life is relatively shitty compared to lotsa people. If they feel lonely then I should feel like a leper of some sort.

In other news, yesterday was gencon's housing registration and it wasn't a complete cockup. There were a few minor problems with getting the confirmation emails but it looks like it all worked out in the end. I picked up a room reservation for the Embassy Suites for wednesday through sunday as usual. I don't feel all that enthused about gencon right and that's become a yearly trend. I'm just not as excited about the whole idea of these conventions as I used to be. I sometimes think that if it weren't for the tradition and inertia of it all, that I would just cancel it all. I think that set routine is about the only thing that keeps me from becoming a complete shut-in. It never seems worth the effort to actually make an effort.

How does it end? Swallowed in fire, but not in darkness.

I wish I could believe that.