March 24th, 2009

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Stealing from The Man

Quite a while back I read about a settlement involving that Airborne nasal spray that's supposed to defend against colds or the flu or plague or something. It turns out that they were full of crap and some lawyers got greedy and, well, in the end there was a multi-million dollar settlement. Now, I've never personally bought any of this crap but I figured I would apply to get a piece of the settlement regardless. I figured there was no reason not to try. As long as you were only claiming to have purchased a limited number of these items you didn't even provide proof of purchase or any evidence at all. Honestly, I figured my chances of actually getting a dime from this were slim to none. Even if the settlement terms worked like they were supposed to, any payment would be based on the number of claimants. I figured there were at least millions of other greedy unscrupulous people out there who would also take their shot and see what happened. Any decent amount of money divided by the masses would probably leave each person enough to buy a pack of gum, if that.

So, imagine my surprise when I opened up an letter today to find a check for $41.94. Isn't that amazing? It's like free mana from heaven. Normally, I might feel a bit ambivalent about lying for money, but I figure this is about as close to a victimless crime as it gets. No doubt the lawyers in this case got the lion's share of the settlement, but it seems that there was enough to go around that everyone got a little something. No reason to look a gift horse in the mouth I guess.
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It's like an E-Z bake oven

Someone just posted on a deal site that the 'Girl Gourmet Ice Cream Sandwich Maker' is only $4.00 at Amazon. While I have no need for an ice cream sandwich maker, especially one under the Girl Gourmet label, I was sort of curious what you would get for $4. It seems like it would be sorta complex to make your own ice cream sandwiches after all and I just couldn't see them providing any machinery. When I went to take a look, this is the picture I found of the item.

What a piece of unmitigated crap. I've seen playdough pasta-makers that looked like they would churn out more appealing food. I had been hoping that there would be a humorous amazon review or two describing the inevitably nasty outcome but it looks like no one has been stupid enough to purchase this item so far. Pity.

I will admit that reading the description for this item does make me sorta want an ice cream sandwich. I haven't had one of those in years. Maybe I should start checking supermarket circulars and see how much a box goes for nowadays.