March 28th, 2009

lotr eye of sauron

A non-blah day

Sometimes people do something really nice for you and it makes you wonder if you even deserve it. Brian and Jessie invited me over to their place last night and actually went out of their way to have a little birthday party for me, knowing that I've been feeling sorta blah lately. There were balloons and streamers and even a carvel ice cream cake. *sniff* It was really sweet. It's always amazing to me when people are willing to do things like that. My social circle isn't exactly expansive and things like this really mean a lot.

We spent a good chunk of the night playing cards and that was also fun. I don't get all that much of a chance to do things lately and while it's often hard to get my tubby ass moving, it's always worth it in the end. Besides, I ended up walking out up $10, and that looks pretty impressive in nickels, dimes, and quarters.