July 3rd, 2009

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Origins Recap Part I

So it looks like I'm finally going to get around to doing this. I've already posted the pictures from Origins up on Facebook, and now it's time to try and go through and annotate the whole trip. I'm always happy when I finish these but it seems to take longer and longer each time I do it. I think that's mostly a result of the fact that I get more long-winded as I go. Anyway, lets hope this doesn't end up taking forever.

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If it quacks like a duck

I was just browsing on Amazon and ran across something entertaining in my account's lightning deals.

I dunno what color ducks are in their part of the world but that's not a shade I've ever seen on a quacker. I do think it would be sorta entertaining to dye a duck hot pink and then just release it into the wild though.

If you zoom in a bit you can see the color is actually named Funky Flamingo, which means this might just be an ornithological mixup. What's really surprising is that it's selling so well. I would have thought that men bought most of the duct tape in this world and would likely avoid hot pink.