November 28th, 2009

grumpy carebear

There's a song in my heart, but it's probably in a minor key and missing notes

I'm a firm believer in the idea that every show should have a musical episode. There's no guarantee it'll be done well, of course, but when it is, it's truly spectacular. Even when it's hit and miss, there are usually memorable parts and I can't help but love a sing-a-long.

I recently stumbled over the fact that The Legend of Neil had a second season out and I proceeded to catch up. I had found TLoN the first time around because the guy who created it plays Zaboo on The Guild and Felicia Day also has a part in it as a debauched fairy. The basic idea is that some loser is transported into the game Legend of Zelda after wanking off while asphyxiating himself with a Nintendo game controller. Don't try it at home kids. Chances are it won't work for you and you'll just end up like David Carradine.

Anyway, the videos document his adventures and attempts to find his way home. In the new season, one of the episodes was a musical and it's more than worth a look. Frankly, I think any parts with 'Old Man' sucks balls in this series whether there's singing and dancing or not so you may want to skip those. If nothing else, it's worth watching just to see Felicia Day sing what she does. Here's the video:

Oh, and I guess I should mention that the third season of The Guild also ended. All in all, I've become pretty jaded with the show. It ended well but it was quite a slog through those endless middle episodes. I guess it's just harder for them to put together that will capture the same magic when it was still new and innovative.

The third season features Wil Wheaton, who frankly I didn't recognize at all. It wasn't until I saw something posted with his name associated with the show that I found out and even then, it's hard to reconcile it. From my perspective, he looks almost notta like he used to, though I'll admit the image I have of him in my mind is still Wesley Crusher circa season 4 of Star Trek TNG. Maybe this'll be a step back into cult stardom for him. About the only thing I've heard he does now is blog and get cameo bit parts on tv shows. Not exactly high-flying you could say.

Oh well. Wesley Crusher needed a good punch in the face anyway.

BTW, if you watch TLoN video and you're like me, one of the first things that ran through your head was WTF is 'dragon style'. I actually went a googlin' and here was one person's suggested answer. Dragon Style. How's that for a walking Rule 34?
zoloft sad

It's all a little crushing

If I had to describe how I've been feeling lately it's as if someone turned up the gravity or there's an invisible weight bearing down on me. I assume it's just the physical manifestation of emotional angst, but I was just thinking that wouldn't it be funny if it was actually something physical after all. I know I'd find it pretty hilarious if this heartsick feeling I've had for weeks now were actually some physical malady. It's not like there aren't some candidates for to fill out such a theory. After all, I'm taking new medication in the form of the Humira and I never did go and have that blood test to make sure it wasn't screwing with me somehow. That and the discontinuation of the vast majority of the opiates I used to be taking could also be throwing me into a tailspin. Maybe all of this is just an illusion and I'm just misinterpreting all the symptoms. I'm not really depressed, lost, and despairing. I just think I am because of the symptomology and when that goes away, I'll poof back from the edge.

Then again....

maybe not.

It's hard not to think....

if I were a braver man.