November 30th, 2009

lotr eye of sauron

March of insomnia

The tingly, creepy-crawly feeling seems to be less pronounced but it's still more than enough to make falling asleep problematic unless I'm really tired. That means that simply wanting to go to sleep isn't enough and so I end up twiddling my thumbs here. The feeling also makes concentration a bit spotty, but it's something that comes and goes.

I received my PSPgo in the mail on Friday and I'm a bit ambivalent about it. The screen looks a crapload smaller even though I know the change is really rather minimal. I think its mostly because the PSPgo is just much smaller overall than the 2000 that it's hard not to look at it and think it looks shoddy. Besides, seeing as portability was never a concern of mine, it's no wonder that the tradeoff doesn't appeal much to me.

One main reason I probably don't have happy feelings about the PSPgo right now is I don't have any games for it. I've been looking at the sony online store as well as amazon and only a few things have caught my eye. I'm still hoping there will be some sort of sale for the christmas season on downloadable games and so I haven't bought anything yet. I did buy Patapon 2 from ebay tonight and so that should be pretty spiffy when it arrives in a few days. I played the demo what feels like ages ago and transferred my old save file from the 2000 in prep. I'm also wondering if it's worth moving some video files over to the PSPgo to see how well they work. It seems kinda stupid to watch anything on a 4 inch screen when I have a working laptop right in front of me, but I'm sure it'll come in handy one day and I should figure out the mechanics of it beforehand.

Other than that, I've started watching Bleach, having finished around 70% of season 1 so far. With the exception of Naruto, I've never actually watched many 'fighting' animes, and it never seemed that they would ever be my cup of tea. I'm just not all that interested in combat for combat's sake. I just had a really disturbing thought. It may very well be that I have tastes in anime that correspond more with Japanese girls than guys. Either that or I've progressed further down the otaku scale than I thought since the only people who like girl anime more than girls, are the diehard otakus. The whole reason I gave Bleach a whirl is that it's another one of those series that have been running forever and a day. I figure that must mean quality, right? So far though, I'm just not all that interested. It's mostly been a monster-of-the-week sort of situation and though character development is chugging along, it's still a little too haphazard for me. Despite that, I figure I'll continue on with it and who knows, maybe my perceptions will change after another season or two.