December 11th, 2009

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Greatest speech ever, 5 tentacles up

Just when you think that all those jokes about Obama being the messiah is just rhetorical (though funny) hyperbole, you bump into some crazy asshole who seems to have bought into it. I was reading up on that Norway light spiral that has now been admitted by the Russians as being caused by a malfunctioning missile. There were quite a few scientists who correctly pegged what the phenomenon was caused by and then there was this crazy twatwaffle. Here's a quote from his article

The appearance of the enormous light spiral in northern Norway may be a sheer coincidence and unrelated to his upcoming speech in Oslo. Alternatively, the mysterious spiral of light may be a sign from an unknown intelligence that Obama’s acceptance speech may be a catalyst for major global changes that lie ahead. With much speculation that the Obama administration is poised to make some kind of announcement concerning extraterrestrial life soon, the light may be sign for him to boldly go where no U.S. President has gone before.

This spazzcase claims to have a PhD, and if that's actually the case and it didn't come out of a cracker jack box, it should be revoked immediately on the grounds of delusion and unmitigated stupidity. The belief that Obama is so important that even aliens are following his political career and watching his speeches (I wonder if they have fansubbers) is insanity.

Even after the Russians came out with their mea culpa, this batshit insane nutjob just couldn't help but hold out hope that his alien theory might still actually be true. Well, nothing can really be proved for certain so maybe aliens have decided to award Obama the intergalactic medal for peace.

Russia has announced a failed missile launch in the White Sea area where the Spiral Lights were seen from Norway. See here for simulation of what some believe happened. At this stage, a failed rocket launch is the most popular explanation by scientists though other possibilities cannot be entirely eliminated.]

Someone living in Honolulu should go find out where this guy's office is and kick him in the face.

In case you haven't see video of the Norway lightshow it's pretty spectacular.