December 26th, 2009

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The difference between terrorists and freedom fighters

Well, I managed to sleep through almost all of Christmas day, which is probably the least painful way possible to spend the holidays. I have this tendency to enter a hibernation mode whenever things get depressing which actually comes in pretty handy overall.

Shelley stopped by at some point during the day and dropped off a couple pouches of Puppy Chow she had made. A few days before I had stumbled across a reference to the snack on minxy_baby's LJ, and was surprised that I had never heard of it before. It sounded like a great idea overall so I sent the link to Connie, figuring it was at least even odds she would actually make it if I planted the seed in her head. It looks like I got lucky and the outcome was pretty tasty to boot. I figure it goes a good way in making up for sending me pictures of baby turds on Christmas Eve.

Other than that, nothing unusual or interesting has really happened. It's just been another few days of going around and around the spiral of doom.