June 7th, 2010

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Dream a little dream

I think it's always interesting how the last thing you read or the last thing you hear as you're falling asleep can have such a strong impact on what you dream about. Of course, the night before I was on TvTropes, looking at the entry for Dark City which may explain why my dream this morning was so disturbing. Before I get to the dream, I thought I'd talk a bit about the movie. I only saw it once ages ago and remember liking it and still recalling some of the plot. What I didn't know then and didn't find out until I started reading the tropes page and some reviews is that Dark City actually came out a year before The Matrix, with whom it shares a very similar theme. If anything, Dark City's even more disturbing than The Matrix since at least in the latter you're still you, despite the completely artificial environment. In Dark City, even your memories and personality are created for you and implanted in your head without your consent.

While critics apparently loved the flick, it never became the boxoffice success of its little brother. I personally put the blame for that on not enough dakka. If you ask anyone about the Matrix, the scenes they'll probably describe to you involve a torrent of bullets and shit blowing up. Dark City was more psychological which is probably great for the film student sect, but not for the mass public as a whole. Reading about the movie again re-sparked my interest and so I snagged a copy and will probably get to watching it at some point.

So thoughts on super powers and hoards of dark shadowy figures in pursuit basically caused me to dream a very disturbing dream in which I had super powers. That no doubt seems like win all around, but my dream seemed to investigate the darker side of it. It almost became a parable featuring 'what a tangled web we weave' except instead of lying it was about using your abilities. Each use sparked a further use to fix or cover up the previous and on it rolled downhill becoming more and more unwieldy. Add to the fact that there were actually some menacing boogaboos around and I felt like I was dreaming a hollywood movie.

Things weren't all that much better upon waking. Drove around, threw up a ridiculous amount of stomach acid, went back to bed. Maybe I'll read up on a couple rom-coms before going to bed tonight and see if my luck is any better.
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Fudgesicles. And by Fudge I mean 'Fuck' and by sicles I mean 'the World'

I was just thinking earlier today that things were finally all going smoothly on the computer front. My new laptop has been spiffy and has been a pleasure all around. I haven't experienced any of the horrible and dire predictions put forth by many online Cassandras about buying a HP. I've also just finished paying off all of the credit card bills that had stacked up because of the laptop purchase just happened to stack up with some other large expenditures. I was pondering that the only thing left to make things complete was to purchase a 5-disk RAID system so I could have enough storage and not have to worry about data loss. The price for 2 TB drives have come down a lot lately and you can get a bare one for ~$100 and one in an enclosure for around $20 more. I had been tempted to pick up another external just for temporary use but had convinced myself to be patient.

So it pretty much goes without saying that my main 1.5 TB external just died on me. The really aggravating part is it's not even the drive that's dead. The fucking i/o bit apparently broke off the inside of the enclosure and fell off, now spending its time rattling around. I'll bet dollars to donuts that the drive inside is just fine but I can't get to it. The enclosure is designed so the only way to open it after it's been snapped shut is to pry it open, breaking the plastic locks. I'm darkly certain that cracking it open will almost certainly void my warranty. That means I'm left with 2 unpleasant choices:

1) Send the drive in for replacement knowing that the data on the drive will simply never be recoverable.

2) Crack the sucker open and retrieve my data knowing that I won't be able to get the enclosure replaced.

In years past this wouldn't have been a hard decision. Hell, I would have cracked this sucker open so quickly there would be plastic shards flying around the room 30 seconds in. That was because in years past I lacked the storage space, planning, and bakabt. What all three of those have done is made it so that much of the data is actually backed up and the data that isn't, well, I can access it on bakabt at pretty high download speeds. It still means I'm going to have to spend weeks upon weeks re-downloading ridiculous amounts of files but at least none of it is irreplaceable. It's going to absolutely kill my ratio though considering it's probably close to a god damn terrabite of anime/files I lost.

I'm going to give Seagate a call in a couple hours when their customer service center opens up and see if I can get an exemption to break the case open. I'm pretty certain the answer will be no, but I should try. *sigh* Maybe this is telling me that I should just stop procrastinating and buy the RAID system already. I was hoping to save up some money considering how close Origins and Chicago/Gencon are, but it might be worth the piece of mind. The RAID system will probably end up costing me at least $700 when it's all said and done, and there's the added stress of not really knowing what I'm doing beyond plug 'n play. If I run into problems, it's very unlikely I'd be able to fix it.