June 10th, 2010

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Dying to the beat

Nothing all that interesting has happened lately. I figured I'd just get that out of the way right at the beginning in case, against all previous experience to the contrary, you were actually reading this entry with the expectation of excitement. It seems that what I've spent most of my time doing the last few days is sleeping. I have a theory that's because of the weather around here. After a string of 90 degree days, it seems that the thermometer has charted a reversal lately and we've had 60's and 70's. As far as I'm concerned, cool is ideal dozing conditions and that's what I've been doing for the most part. I've never really understood people who talk about getting drowsy in warm and humid situations. Who can sleep with all that heat and discomfort? The idea of dozing off on a cool day with a hint of chill in the air so you need a blanket is probably one of the main reasons that Fall is my favorite season. There are always a couple of picture perfect days like that and I used to drag a blanket and a couple books out to the hammock and just enjoy.

Sleeping aside, I've also been trying to play a couple of old school computer games. If you know me you know that I have an OCD nature about certain things, one of which is that things should be experienced in order. The idea of playing the third installment of a game without having tried the previous ones grates on me and I think it lessens the experience. That means that even though I was interested in giving Fallout 3 a try, it meant that what I really did was buy Fallout 1, 2, and tactics. I've been playing the first installment for the past few days and have had a variety of unpleasant issues. As you might imagine, my laptop's compatibility for software 13 years old is iffy at best. There are all sorts of issues including the fact that at least once a day the entire game locks up and freezes the entire laptop. I can't even reboot at that point and all I can do is cut power to it and start up the whole thing fresh. I've tried various suggestions found online to fix the issue but nothing has worked completely so far. Even when it's not crashing the screen often turns black and I have to use the mouse to 'color' back in the image like it were a rub 'n reveal image.

For all of the problems, the game's been pretty entertaining so far. I'm just not sure it's worth the headaches it's causing. It doesn't help that I know that even if I bull through all of Fallout 1 with these reoccurring problems there's still Fallout 2 right around the corner which will no doubt feature the same issues. Damn OCD'ness. Luckily the other facet of that is while I get interested in certain activities and will then pour a ridiculous amount of time and effort into them, it soon passes and I'll move on to something else. At least that's the way it's always worked in the past. I figure it's very good odds that this Fallout obsession with all the accompanying irritation will only last a week or so. Feel free to take bets amongst yourselves if you're so inclined.

Lets see, what else is interesting. Well, nothing. I watched another anime series for which I'll pop up a review at some point but mostly it just feels like a holding pattern. Oh! I should mention that I called Seagate about the busted external harddrive and got permission from a supervisor there to crack it open. In order to have space to fit all the data I'll (hopefully) recover, I had to buy another external harddrive though. That should arrive in the next day or so. The problem then is that I lack all the necessary equipment to transfer the data. I don't have any of the adapters or cables, meaning that I might have to drag the entire thing over to my cousin's place and have him transfer the data for me. He's nerdotastic when it comes to computers and I can probably get him to do it as long as I watch over him the entire time cracking the whip.

Feh. What a massive pain in the ass though.