October 28th, 2011

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The irony of too much time

T minus 6 hours and change. That's how much longer I have here at my grandmother's place. The hardwood floors back at home have all been refinished, allowed to dry, and the movers are coming back tomorrow morning to haul everything back to where it's supposed to be. That means that I can also end my refugee status and go back home to a room full of boxes. I wager there's a good chance I'll still have boxes left unpacked 3 months from now.

When I first ventured here a week ago I thought it was going to suck rocks. This was because, in addition to other things, my uncle had canceled phone service, tv service, internet service, and shut off the heat/hot water. I was able to find the boiler and get the hot water going again but never did find out where the thermostat is supposed to be. Luckily, Connie had a Verizon aircard from work she was willing to let me have but I couldn't get it to work on my laptop for the first half day. I would have just about put a gun to my head rather than stay here at that point, but luckily I was able to jury rig a fix for the problem and once I managed to get my internet back, things seemed sorta homey.

At first, I figured that I wouldn't have all that much to do while here. I managed to snag an external harddrive and fill it with some files and my laptop also has assorted odds and ends on it, but I was still going to be separated from my raid server. At first I planned to simply use the extra time to catch up on LJ. I had grand aspirations to catch up on all sorts of things and as you can see this is my first entry in a week, those plans sort of went kaput. It's funny but the more time you have, the less important actually getting around to doing something is. It's the ultimate fuel for the procrastination fire because if you have enough time, tomorrow literally never comes. It's just as well I'll never be cursed with immortality because in my hands it really would be nothing but a curse.

So what have I been doing with myself? Well, I did go shopping a few days ago and bought multiple items from the four food groups: Ice cream, chips/cookies, fried meats, and cheese. I've been making myself a waffle cone each day and basically working overtime adding lard to my ass. I really need to go on another crash diet. It's just unfortunate that the only process I can ever manage is all or nothing. I'll never understand people who can somehow manage the mythical 'lifestyle change'.

In addition to consuming a diet which would make a 8 year old ecstatic, I watched a couple anime series that I had saved up. I've mentioned it before but I have this thing where I absolutely hate to have to follow any series week to week. It used to be that even if I really wanted to see something, I would still wait until at least the season was done before snagging all the episodes for a marathon. Then, with the advent of dvd releases for tv shows, I would often wait not just until the series had finished running on tv, but until it had come out on dvd so I could snag a better version. Then there was Bluray and so now, I wait for that, meaning that it could be a year or more before I actually watch something that everyone was buzzing about a lifetime ago. This happens all the time for anime since people usually only discuss whatever's running now and something from a year ago is so outdated it might as well have never existed. I sometimes feel like what it must've been like to live in Idaho 20 years ago, or maybe Canada. As they put it in How I Met Your Mother: The 80's didn't come to Canada until 1993.

So I took the time out this past week to watch K-on and Higashi no Eden. I liked both, though for very different reasons. I'll put the reviews in another entry if I get around to them so people who don't care won't have to wade through it. I will say that I'm especially glad I watched Higashi since I'll give me something to discuss with Bill M the next time we talk about anime. I always feel like such a Type B 'tard whenever the topic of anime comes up since it seems lately the only things I've been seeing are shounen battle animes and moe-bait. Higashi wasn't fully Type A, but at least there was some depth there.
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Ain't that always the way

The entire time I've been here I've had problems sleeping. I was averaging somewhere around 4 or 5 hours of sleep per 24, taken in 2-3 hour bursts and then only when I was completely exhausted. I would also wake up a half dozen times intermittently which just make it all the more spiffy. This dragged on for days and I was finally so tired I got a full 8 hours yesterday. You'd think I'd be running out the clock again but the minute I know that I can't sleep, it's when I want to sleep. It's not just annoying, it's perverse. I haven't been able to doze off before at least dawn since getting here but the movers will be at the house at 9 and I have to get over there before then. Having that deadline has me here nodding off. Feh.

Screw it. I'm going to just go to bed and see what happens. The only alarm I have here is the not quite reliable one on my laptop and there's no telling if it'll end up working. I still have to pack up all of my crap in the morning too and haul it back with me. It's not like I have all that much stuff, but there's also cleanup to do. Just watch though...now that I've committed to trying to sleep, I'll be lying here the next 3 hours and staring at the ceiling.