November 2nd, 2011

garfield trick or treat

The monster mash

So just because I didn't do anything interesting for Halloween doesn't mean that there weren't millions of kids out there having fun Trick or Treating. Well, as much fun as they can have never having known a real Halloween where the streets were teeming with kids and before the stranger danger paranoia hit. Let me just say that the Halloween I knew is dead. The Halloween where kids would roam the streets learning the fine arts of panhandling in great mobs is over, replaced by crappy, moderated Halloween parties for kids and drunken Bacchanals filled with slutty pirates, slutty witches, slutty zombies and basically slutty anything you can imagine. This is not to say I'm against slutty per se. I just wish that instead of perverting Halloween which should have stayed a kid's holiday, perhaps they could have come up with a new holiday for boozing and dressing up and called it Slutober or something.

Oh well.

So anyway, even though I was a wet blanket and decided not to go see, Connie did apparently take the kids out trick or treating. She sent me some photos of their foraging.

So here's Maddie in her princess costume. You can see Will behind her dressed as a dinosaur. It's a nice touch that they each have their own color pumpkin. When I was a kid, we just used a freaking plastic bag or pillow case.

Here's a closeup of Will as a dinosaur. Oddly, it looks more green in this picture rather than the vibrant blue of the last. Maybe it's a lighting issue.

And here's Morgan. It's actually hard for me to recognize Morgan without her face scrunched up and an audiotrack of her howling playing in the background. That's usually how I've seen her whenever we've interacted. She's wearing the traditional cow costume which I think Connie has had each kid wear now. I guess she might as well get used to hand-me-downs now because there's probably more a'coming.

And so that's that and another Halloween gone.