January 31st, 2012

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The rewards of not procrastinating

Today was housing registration for Gencon. In years past I would have been in front of the computer with multiple windows open and, in the past few years, with friends on speakerphone all ready to rush the website at the stroke of noon (or whenever). The carnage, the devastation, the repeated white screens telling you the site wouldn't load along with the copious amounts of swearing. No, wait, that's event reg. That's not to say that hotel reg wasn't almost as painful though. You could even argue that it was even worse since the implications were greater. If you miss getting tickets to an event, you miss an event which sucks. If you miss getting the hotel you want it can fubar and impact almost every part of gencon.

This year, however, I was able to let reg day breeze on by without a care. Thanks to some facebook posts by gencon friends, I had gotten a heads up about the Homewood Suites a few days after getting back from the convention. My friends and I had always stayed at the Embassy but the Homewood Suites offered the exact same amenities we wanted along with a kitchen in each suite and was actually cheaper to boot. Add to it the fact that I was able to reserve a room months ago without having to rely upon the lottery of the housing block and it was a win-win-win situation.

Now I just have to take this lesson and apply it to Killer Breakfast. Last year's procrastination just about did me in and I was a walking zombie for most of the con due to lack of sleep. I've said repeatedly I want to avoid that sort of fiasco this year, but it's one thing to say it and another to actually do it. Not to mention planning is always more problematic now given the fact that we aren't all in one place and it has to all be done over email. That makes the crafty elements hard and there's a tendency to put it off until I get to Chicago around a week before the con. Then it's just a race with the devil and pot luck as to how many things go wrong at the last minute.

Frankly, I'm not all that sanguine about my no-procrastination pledge anyway. Considering that I never did recap the con or pop up pictures from all sorts of things I meant to in the half month since then. I should just set myself a schedule and stick to it but it's always easier to just drift and go with the flow.
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When you no longer notice the madness, that's when you know you're mad too

I was speculating to myself a bit ago that maybe I've had it all wrong all these years. I've always assumed that there was something about the Japanese character that makes them, as a culture, tend to kick up crazy things. Just think about it for a moment as a fellow traveller on the world wide web. Think about the last 10 times that someone has sent you a WTF picture or meme on facebook or over email. Now, what percentage of those had some sort of Japanese origin? No matter what, I'll bet as long as your answer was >1, it still means that Japan seems to be churning out more than it's share of zany or just downright disturbing based on its population. You don't have to see more than a few tentacle monsters attacking an all girls junior highschool to realize that.

So maybe it's counter intuitive that I now think maybe the Japanese aren't any weirder than any other group of people. It may be instead that they're simply given the chance to let their crazy out and wave it around for everyone to see, within clearly structured and socially acceptable avenues of course. The American entertainment industry is generally very risk averse. They tend to play it safe, which is why we get endless movie sequels and remakes upon remakes of films. In Japan, it seems that they're allowed to try a more scattershot approach and sometimes the craziest things end up on tv, or in their books/manga/etc. It's not like all of these attempts work by any means, but they seem to be more willing to take a risk on the strange or unusual.

All of this exposition brings me to an anime I watched recently that I really, to my surprise, enjoyed. It's called Ben-to and began as a light novel series which was eventually animated last year.

The basic storyline is that Satou Yo is an ordinary highschool student attempting a boarding highschool and is strapped for funds. One night, he goes to a local supermarket and sees that they're in the process of marking down the day's leftover bento (lunch boxes) with half price stickers. He goes to pick one of them up and everything goes black. Poor Satou has just inadvertently entered the crazed world of half-price bento brawling where wolves battle one another in a martial free-for-all with the winners marching out with their half-price meals and the losers crawling away bloody and bruised with only cup ramen to show for their efforts. Yes, I shit you not, this is the actual plot.

It takes a while for Satou's memory to return given the hellacious beating he received and he decides that he's not willing to remain a dog and will instead fight to become a wolf among wolves. Another unlucky loser from that first night commiserates with him. Oshiroi Hana was there not so much for the half-price bento as she was scouting material for her novel. It's only later you discover she has a thing for muscle men and hardcore yaoi. She uses the battles as inspiration basing all the characters on the various fighters and making slight changes like swapping a fist to the gut with a fist up the rectum.

Lucky for both of them, they're soon swept up into the half price bento club at school run by the ruling wolf in the area, Yarizui Sen, who is also known as the Ice Witch. It turns out all the really infamous wolves have nicknames their reputations have earned. The source of those nicknames aren't nearly as glamorous (Sen got hers by accidentally trying to buy an ice cold beer, thinking it was soda pop). She was also the one responsible for knocking Satou out cold that first night so maybe she felt some responsibility for kicking the dog and wanted to make amends.

So that's the basic plot of Ben-to. Everyone strives to claim half price bentos from the various supermarkets around the city. Since this is a shounen anime you just know there are gangs of other combatants and even a big bad or two to defeat. Sometimes you actually have to stop and remind yourself they're beating the snot out of one another so they can save $3.00 on a boxed lunch. For all the ridiculousness of the premise, it's a hell of a lot of fun. The anime doesn't take itself too seriously and there are parts that are simply laugh out loud hilarious.

One of my favorite characters, to my real surprise, was Shiraume Ume the class representative and yandere psycholesbian obsessed with Hana. She blames Satou for leading Hana astray and proceeds to pound on him at every instance. She's always calm about the abuse she dishes out, always speaking politely and even asking permission to get mad or slap or kick him (usually only after having just done so). The sad part about a series that wasn't very popular is that there tend to be few pictures and video clips. All I could find was this music video mostly consisting of Shiraume smacking Satou around. In case you're wondering...the character for Ume (plum) can also be read as 'Bai'. Since her name is ume ume, Satou asks the first time they meet if he can call her baibai. It goes downhill from there.

There are also some spiffy eyecatches for all of the episodes, mainly featuring the various characters stuck into the middle of a bento.

If you watched the video you'll have seen there's some generic fanservice to be found in this show. I'm always of two minds about fanservice and my reaction to it varies greatly. I love it when I feel it's done in a humorous way, which adds to my enjoyment of the show. I hate it when it's just everywhere and done for no seeming reason to either plot or humor. I guess you can think of it like toilet humor. When done right, it's really spiffy, but when done wrong it's like a bad stoner movie. In my opinion Ben-to did it right and none of the fanservice bothered me while I found some of the scenes hysterical.

I feel sort of the same way about moe and moe blobs. The latter being characters where the writers/artists just cram as many moe features into as possible in an attempt to capitalize on otakus. When it's done wrong, it makes part of you want to stomp the big-eyed, lip trembling, cute machine to death even if another part of you feels kind of bad about it. When done right, some characters are just so adorably endearing it just makes you want to squee. I haven't quite figured out what the magic formula to differentiate the two is quite frankly but I found Inoue Asebi, a bit character in Ben-to, absolutely adorable. You just want to squeeze her to bits, despite the fact she's a walking bad luck charm.

So while I know that YMMV greatly when it comes to shows like this, I really do recommend Ben-to. I liked it a lot and suggest people just take it for what it is. It's not supposed to be deep or be hugely plot driven. What it is, is generally hilarious and just entertaining all around.

Oh, and if you think this plot premise is weird, Ben-to doesn't even come close to unthroning the king. Take a look at my entry on Akikan if you really want to see weird. To be honest, I never did get around to watching Akikan though I have a copy of it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe I should give it a second look after this pleasant experience with Ben-to and whacky plots.