December 3rd, 2012

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It's the size that counts

My 27" LED monitor finally arrived today from Bestbuy and I was ecstatic. It was huge, much bigger than I expected. You have to realize though the last computer monitor I had was probably only 15" and my current laptop is bigger than that. The moment I plugged it in the monitor lit up with a blinding radiance that seared itself into my brain exactly like what happens when you stare at the sun during an eclipse. It was blinding. I was able to find the brightness toggle and started to reduce it by degrees but hit '0' with the screen still being brighter than I would have preferred. Now when I leave the computer, it's like the entire world has dimmed.

The other issue is that the screen seems to be making me motion sick. I hadn't exactly expected that but I'm hoping it's something I'll adjust to with some time. The fact is the monitor is just too freaking big. I'm only a couple feet away from it tops which means that I can't help but feel its beaming light and information directly into my brain. Maybe I'll get used to this in time but I'm starting to think that I really should have gone with a 24" screen or maybe even a little smaller. I think it's just one of those instances where you step out of the technology market for, say, 10 years or so and the catch-up whiplash catches you unawares. I mean, this monitor is also light as a feather compared to some of the oldschool monstrosities I remember that could kill a person if you dropped it on them from the top of a ladder.

I'm really hoping I get used to this, because I have no other use for a freaking 27" monitor.