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People are morons, but man, I love their money

So my auctions for KoL items have gone pretty damn spiffy. I managed to sell 3 lots of 20 million meat a pop so far for a net profit of around 70 dollars after ebay fees and whatnot. I figured that after the meat sales I would try something new. After all, it seemed that assjack I mentioned was cutting into my territory and profitability with his 30 million meat sales and I didn't want to run the risk of him posting more auctions while mine were just starting. For a little change, I decided to set of sets of Mr. Accessories.

For those of you not familiar with the game, a Mr. Accessory is the most versatile item in the game. Powerful in its own right but capable of being traded for tons of other goodies that all have their own benefits. It's also the means by which the creator makes money. For every 10 dollar donation to the game, a person gets a Mr. A as a thank you gift. As you can imagine, quite an economy has grown up around the Mr. A and three of them currently trade for around 22-23 million meat. I figured with ascension coming up, they might make good items to sell though I did know that the auction end price would likely be capped by the fact that you can get 3 of them for donating to the game for $30. Why pay more than 'retail' after all. I figured I would hopefully get maybe 26 or maybe even 27 bucks for each lot. It seems I underestimated the power of sweet sweet idiocy.

Kingdom of Loathing KoL 3 Mr. Accessories!!! $.99 NR
$31.96 5 krash247 (10Feedback is 10 to 49) 5 0 1h 10m

Kingdom of Loathing KoL 3 Mr. Accessories!!! $.99 NR
$30.66 5 nhassis (15Feedback is 10 to 49) 2 0 1d 04h 30m

Here are the two lots I have going as of right now and you'll see that both of them have bids of over 30 dollars. Unfarging believable. I'm just waiting for darken to come on here and commentrant about how there are no good deals on ebay anymore because idiots bid the prices up too high. It reminds me of why I stopped using ebay to try to get the most recently hot new playstation games that came out. All too often the morons would hike the bid above retail and it was just ridiculous.

Still, as the benficiary in this, I can hardly complain. God bless these morons and the money they are sending to my hands.

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