October 26th, 2018

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Apple Wars: Envy

The Envy is what an apple is supposed to look like. Actually, the Red Delicious is what an apple is supposed to look like considering it's generally the only type of apple I've eaten for the vast majority of my life. I know people heap contempt on the Red Delicious but in a way, that's what I've based my entire idea of what an apple should look and taste like. I guess you can say the Envy looks about as appley as possible without being artifical. It is of a medium size and has a rich red color with striations that never fully go to yellow or green. There is a very slight apple odor to the skin near the stem. The first bite is very crisp and the sweetness is immediate. It's not overwhelming however and isn't as fructose forward as the Ambrosia. The flavor is quite appley and any tartness is mostly subsumed. The skin appears to be thicker than average and is a bit distracting. Overall this is an excellent apple.

Crispness: 8/10
Sweetness: 8/10
Tartness: 1/5 {reverse scored}
Skin Thickness: 2.5/5 {reverse scored}
Appleyness: 3/5

Total score: 25.5 points