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Exercise is sucktastic

It really is. Muy sucktastic. It's not even like I'm getting a lot of it either. Lack of will and medical complications have always made it a pretty problematic activity. Lately though I've been goaded to do something. I started with a set of free weights and spent my spare time doing arm curls and various other minor weight training. That was nice as far as it went but I didn't figure it was actually doing much for me. That's when I got roped into going to the park nearby to actually walk briskly around for a few miles on a regular basis.

Now, I've got nothing against walking per se. I figure if you have no alternative way to get from point A to point B, walking is often your only option. That dosen't mean people should do it willingly, ecspecially if there is a better way or no pressing reason for it. The same goes with running, only more so. The only reason to run is if someone is chasing you and the harm they inflict will be worse than the agony associated with running. That means in effect that there must be some pretty bloody torture involved or I might as well just stand there and throw down.

So there's a large lake in the park here and plenty of people seem to go just to walk or jog or bike or skate in endless circles around it. Seems sort of pointless to me quite frankly. It reminds me how I'm always mocking a friend for going to car races every weekend where he spends hours watching morons make endless left turns. It's no more sensable when you're the one doing it and ecspecially when you're not even in a car.

As I'm walking my way around and around this damn lake and listening to my muscles and the rest of my body complain, I keep thikning about how it won't be long before it organizes against me. I can picture it now. Muscle cells from all over my body sending representatives who gather in body cavities to listen to their political leaders denounce me. "How can we trust his leadership and judgement when he breaks the campaign promises he's made to us?", they'll rage. "When we signed on, he promised he'd be sedentary. SEDENTARY! I don't know about the rest of you but I didn't sign up for any of this walking bullshit. It wasn't in the brochure nor in my contract."

I figure it's only a matter of time that as vegenance they get together and inflict me with some sort of muscle pull or maybe just trigger a heart attack or something. I feel sorry for the poor bastards and everything, but it's not exactly like this was all my idea either. I think it sucks too.

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