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Almost there...

So I haven't bothered to post any diet update posts, mostly because I find it generally obnoxious when people end up posting those sort of stats on a semi-daily basis when most people couldn't give a flying fuck. So to avoid that sort of hypocrisy, I've managed to restrain myself. Instead, I figured I would drop an entry when I hit a milestone of some sort. That seemed like a spiffy idea at first but it soon became one of those situations where as you approach the finish line, it seems like someone keeps moving it back. If the race started as an easy sprint, then it's turned into a walk at this point, and an increasingly annoying one. Still, it looks like I should finally cross it within a few days at the most barring anything unforseen and that's pretty spiffy.

So instead of a daily report on numbers, what you got is an update about the intention to post numbers eventually. Sure, it may be a semantic sort of difference, but I think it keeps me just a hair on the side of being justifiable.

On a sidenote, I love morons with money on ebay. Now if only they would make their payments faster I would really be a happy camper.

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