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Good did it get that big?

Ever get a credit card bill in the mail and your heart almost stops or skips a beat when you figure out how much it's for? I've never had one of those moments until tonight when I opened up my discover card statement and pulled out a statement with $1814.32 on it. Christ almighty. What the hell had I spent that much freaking money on and all within a month? Taken item by item, I recognize it all and everything makes sense. It's not as if there were crazy charges on there I never made. Added together it's nothin short of complete insanity.

I keep telling myself that for a lot of the bills, it's a pay now for much later events and that really, in my mind I should be spacing them out to represent that fact. For example:

I've got a flight from here to california for $388.40 and a hotel to go with that stay for $258.27, but that trip won't take place until mid to late november.

I've got event charges for Origins on here for $47.50, around $10 dollars of which needs to be refunded on site, and the event won't take place until the end of this month.

Registration charges for Dexcon in the middle of July.

I've got $533.00 worth of god damn gencon registration fees on this bill, but gencon's not even until august and most of this will be reimbursed to me since I ended up buying tickets for other people for an event that goes 20 a pop. Counting all the extra tickets I will either refund or get reimbursed for, I should pick up $390 of that $533 back.

Other than the delayed fees all hitting now, I made some t-shirt and game orders that really added up. Around $400 dollars in games and $120 in shirts and crap. Christ almighty. I thought I was doing pretty well with those ebay auctions but it looks like even if I managed to sell every single thing I had on KoL and all the DnD minis and Magic the Gathering Dual Lands I'm planning to unload, I'd still come up short just paying this set of bills.

I remember mocking that girl who started Save Karyn to pay off her debts from buying designer shoes and crap but maybe I should follow in her footsteps. Too bad for missed oppertunities. I figure if my parents had simply let michael jackson molest me a little when I was a kid, I could now have tens of millions of dollars and wouldn't be worried about this bill.

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