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The trials and tribulations of not watching TV

In general, I haven't missed my extended foray from television goodness. I guess it helps that there were only a couple shows I was following this season and that now everything has wrapped up and moved into reruns so there's nothing there to coax me back. I am a little irked about missing a couple episodes of The Shield, including the season finale, but I figure they'll rerun the entire season at least twice before the next one starts. I can't quite figure out why that show dosen't kick it into high production. There are only something like 13 episodes a season, which seems pitifully small for something that has gotten such critical acclaim and I can only assume has a thriving fanbase. I know that stargate sg1 is reducing the number of episodes they produce next year and that's sort of buming me out too.

Anyway, I ran across this clip on iFILM and it made me long for tv, and ponder what other gems I've missed. I've watched this a few times over and I just love it. It's basically Triumph, the insult comedy dog, visiting Michael Jackson fans and it's hilarious. I have no clue when it debuted on conan's show but I wonder if I've missed other bits like this. I hope that one day there's a dvd where they compile all of these triumph interviews. They're one of the few things that are actually laugh out loud funny.

I also found another clip on there of Triumph visiting Star Wars nerds. I can only assume that this took place in indianapolis back in may with their star wars celebration convention. I only wish I could find a complete clip of when triumph went to slam quebec, but the only thing I could find was an edited version put out by NBC. Surely someone must've saved a high quality and complete copy of it somewhere. Oh well, here's to hoping there's a compilation dvd at some point.

BTW, I'm now working on a second bouillon cube.

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