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Abnormal Dogs and Food

I think it would be hilarious to own this dog. Just think about all the america's funniest home video moments you probaly run into on a daily basis. Not to mention, I've always wanted a daucshund. Just love those sausage dogs. I wonder if the dog ever learns to fake a bout of narcolepsy when he simply dosen't want to respond. That would be spiffy too.

Also, I don't think I ever linked this but it's the Museum of Food Anomalies. I found it using Stumble Upon and actually sent in an entry last week. Anyone actually remember the Spooky Mushroom I had found? Still no response from the site though. I think I'd be quite offended if my mushroom didn't make the cut considering some of the abstract crap on there. And who hasn't seen joined M&M's by the dozen?

BTW, weight still fluxing. I was on the nose the day after posting the update update, two pounds blow it the day after, and 2 pounds above it earlier today. I have no clue why there seems to be such variability.

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