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How can you appreciate the light if there is no darkness

The one good thing about chronic pain is you really really appreciate those times when it's absent and everything is calm and peaceful. It's like a little slice of nirvana without the stabbing and throbbing and piercing unpleasantness and it's something I'm sure most people take for granted because they have no reason not to. Sort of like most of us seldom think anything about being ambulatory or having all our sense or whatever.

What is true beyond anything else is that pain grinds at you. It wears against you with its uncompromising mass and while there are good days and there are bad days, you know it's always around the corner even if you can't see it at the moment. You really learn to enjoy those times when it unexpectedly departs for a time, no doubt enhanced by the fact that you know it will return soon enough.

So I spent most of my day today reading and after some initial unpleasantness, it was a pretty good day. I just got the third book of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Soverign Stone trilogy in the mail and I'm around a hundred pages in or so. I'm looking forward to seeing both of them at gencon this year with Hickman at his killer breakfast, and Weis perhaps while I'm involved in her dragonlance event through soverign press. I was reading a really enlightening little article on slate about the relationship between Lucas and Spielberg and it got me to thinking about Weis and Hickman.

In the article, Spielberg clearly comes out to be the better man, the one who's more willing to be generous and take second fiddle though by anyone's estimation he easily surpasses his friend. It made me wonder about Weis and Hickman and if their relationship is similar. Now, I've only met Margaret Weis once, and that was for a brief, brief, moment and I had no real read of her other than an instinctual assessment that wasn't all that positive. I had asked to have my picture taken with her at her booth, and since the place was emptier than a crypt at the time she good naturedly agreed. Then out of the the corner of my eye I'm pretty sure I saw her roll her eyes at one of her booth people and give an expression of 'Eh, what can you do?'. That hardly endeared me to her whereas everything I've seen and known about hickman tells me that he's a wonderful person without reservation. I wonder how they decided that her name would go first on all of their books. If he demured and dosen't mind second billing or there's more to it than that.

Oh well, I guess in the end it dosen't really matter. I enjoy their books and if they don't seem to have any complaints about the partnership, I'm hardly in a position to throw stones.

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