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Irony and books

The funny thing is that it seems that on days where I eat practically nothing, I'm heavier on the scale and on days I eat more, I weigh less. Damned if I understand it but it's pissing me off.

Anyway, all it seems I've been doing lately is reading and not much else. I've finished book after book that I picked up on and last night I watched Charlotte's Web on VHS. I had just listened to the audiobook and it made me sort of nostalgic. I wish I had some mp3 rips of the songs on there but the only ones I have ever been able to find are of horrendous quality.

It makes me wonder where all the good books go. Are kids still reading charlotte's web in school or bridge to terrabithia or any of the other stories I loved when I was there age? Do the classics die, only to be replaced with whatever is new now, or will they still be read by kids long after we're all dead.

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