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I'm writing spells! It's something that appeases my slightly neurotic OCDesque nature when it comes to games and is also a pleasant pastime to the munchkin in me. I assume a good chunk of you have no clue what I'm talking about. I've mentioned before that I actually play ad&d once every other week in a group and my character in that game is a elven fighter/mage (bladesinger). I spend quite a bit of my time coming up with unique and interesting spells to research for him and I tend to jot down ideas every once and a while when something pops to mind. I've always been one of those people who when playing a video game would spend hours and hours running the character back and forth, back and forth just to boost stats through random monster encounters or if there's something special to pick up that dosen't appear very often. That's probaly why I have so many video games lying around I'll never even start, much less finish. I don't like the idea of missing anything which means it takes me forever to get through any game. When it comes to Ad&d, I tend to spend a lot of time reorganizing the word and excel files that hold my character and spellbook as well as constantly searching for new spell ideas.

My only complaint about the whole thing is that we really don't meet often enough to keep a good flow IMO. We're all busy people (well, most of us anyway) and it's hard to even consistantly meet every other week. That and the natural attrition we experience makes things difficult. We've had to have 3 campaign restarts now and if we have to go through another I think I'd go completely spastic. A lot of the fun is in designing a new character but there's something to see one advance as well. I've never had any character in my entire ad&d career make it further than 8th or 9th level and that was a ranger. I've never had a mage character ever advance far enough to even lob a fireball. My bladesinger is currently 3/3 and should advance to 4/4 at the end of this saturday's meeting. That should mean that the singleclass mage in the party should get her first fireball pretty much at the same time. That should be pretty interesting since as we all know, the joys of fireballing is usually equalled by the pains of being fireballed. Nothing like when you see DM picking up a small breadbox full of d6's and shaking it ominously.

The problem I'm having with the campaign currently is I'm basically playing a kenderesque character in a very kender unfriendly realm. My bladesinger is actually a wild mage and is supposed to be impetuous and flighty. That makes it difficult because to play him as he should be played he often gets whacked with the shit stick. It's the reason that kender (from dragonlance) characters never work out. They're supposed to, by definition, get into trouble and make stupid choices but unlike in a novel where the author 'fudges' the results so our impetuous hero dosen't die, the dice and the current game aren't nearly as friendly in that manner. Maybe it's time that I just accelerated the character's romp to maturity and something more stable...I had been hoping to have it be a more drawn out transition but I'm not sure I can deal with the consequences that would entail.

Any other roleplayers out there that want to share their experiences? Any current games going on for you?

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