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I <3 the Japanese

Say what you will for the japanese, but they are some twisted weirdass people. Now, I'm sure that like most other groups of people, the vast majority of the japanese are normal, everyday individuals simply trying to live their lives in a sedate and pedestrian fashion. I'm not even sure if they have a higher percentage of whackjobs or not. What I do know is that their whackjobs seem to take their psychotic delusions to the extreme. I found the following picture indirectly through stumble upon, the firefox plugin I've mentioned before. It was one of those weird/funny picture archives and I went through making copies of everything that I thought was exceptionally weird/funny. You never know when an image of someone painting his VW beatle to look like a giant vagina will come in handy. What I do know is that if the day ever comes when you do need the vulva beatle picture, you will never, ever, ever be able to find it. Anyway, here comes the picture...ready?

I'm going to LJ cut this too. It's not like there are any naughty bits showing but I don't think it exactly qualifies as work safe and some of you reading this are mighty prissy. I'm not sure I want to receive indignant comments all over the place. Actually...send them anyway. I've got nothing better to do than answer them.

Image hosted by

I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Not the least because on the gencon forums there is another one of those prissyass discussions about board moderation and what constitutes PG-13 content. The idea of someone wearing something like this to the Stink! just had me in stiches. I mean, if a mod can delete your post of a link to an ab psych textbook or because you said 'genitals', I'd imagine some heads would explode upon seeing this.

But the picture's not just funny because of recent gencon events. I mean, LOOK AT IT! What sort of crazed individual came up with all the seperate and disparate parts and genres to put a costume like that together. We've got a shield and armor so it looks like it could be fantasy. She's holding a freaking machine gun so it could be sci-fi or military. The leather, boots, and other accutraments just scream BDSM. And best of all, the, um, "crotch attachment"....*snicker* well there simply are no words. And what the hell is up with that 'tail' sticking out the back?!?!

Man, I would love to see someone show up in this getup at one of the conventions. I'm not sure what category for a costume contest it would fall into exactly but it deserves to win something. The japanese....they never fail to amaze you. When was the last time you saw a german do something that shocked you short of invading poland.

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