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On the road again

Leaving for origins in the morning and there's still a ton of things to do before then. I have to pack, print out all the documentation and maps I'll need to get to my hotel and from there to the convention center, and I'll need to figure out what exactly I'll want to bring with me as far as foodstuffs go. I'm not sure how annoying it'll be to keep on the diet on the road yet, I'm not exactly sure what to bring either that won't be more trouble than it's worth. I have a box of the low-carb power bars which should do nicely in a pinch. On top of that I figure I can go out and buy myself a bag or two of beef jerky. I'm just not sure whether to actually bother to bring anything that might require a cooler or not. It would be nice to have a couple of baggies with slices of cheddar cheese and salami or something of that sort for instance. Just like last year, I don't plan to roam much around columbus and it would be best overall if I didn't have to go food hunting at all.

I dunno....I'm always so excited planning these damn convention trips but then it's the day before and all I can think about is how much of a bother it will be. Driving 8 hours to ohio isn't exactly a barrel of monkeys and I start to wonder if the events I picked will end up being good ones. On the plus side, I should have a couple of events in common with people from the gencon forums which is always nice and I swapped contact info with at least one. It'll be nice to be able to meet some of them before gencon. It should make that awkward first 30-minutes of the stink consisting of 'So, who are you again?' go better.

On a sidenote, my cd order came in from amazon. I got 2 by Stephen Lynch (he's a comedian who sings songs/plays the guitar) and 2 from the Brobdingnagian bards. All very spiffy. I'm planning to rip and upload them to the mp3 player before tommorrow. It should help to make the travel time go faster listening to irish ditties and songs about hermaphrodites and derranged superheroes.

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