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I dream of Avery

I don't dream very often, or rather I don't have many dreams that I recall upon waking. One exception to that is when I'm very very sleep deprived and manage to finally fall into an exhausted sleep in the morning hours just as the sun is rising and the day is starting. This is almost always a massive dreamfest and today was no different. I feel like I had a month's worth of dreams crammed into those 3-4 hours. There was something about roaming the streets with a bunch of people and having my digital camera with me. I'm thinking this is some residue from new orleans but in my dream someone took a shot at me. I ended up chasing after this person (who I think was asian) all over the place and he would occassionally freak out, turn and try to shoot me again. I have no clue why I was trying to catch him seeing as the only thing I was armed with was my camera. I was with my mom and my sister in the dream and they left sometime during the chase. I ended up calling them on my cell phone to find out where they had gone by the time my life and death chase had ended. They were going to some doctor or something in someone's basement. I ended up walking around the town I grew up in until I found the right house with the basement that ended up having a giant bed in it. So I took the opertunity to take a nap. I'm sure there was more to this part but I just can't remember anymore.

The next thing I recall was that I was in a mall of some sort with friends and I was walking down to rather narrow corridor lined with shops taking pictures every few steps. All of a sudden a riot broke out and there was mass looting. People to either side were throwing chairs through windows and climbing into the shops. Just as I was trying to decide if I should engage in the liberating of goods when I see avery brooks and michael dorn and others all dressed in their starfleet uniforms. I immediately scurried over and sad down at their table. I proceeded to tell avery how much I love his portray of captain sisko on deep space nine and his recent work on the discovery channel narrating the show on ancient bible mysteries. That was about the point where I woke up. Very weird.

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