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Well, I obviously didn't get to post the recap of the first day of origins yesterday. I went off to the BBQ at the Bills and it was a great time. I brought along two of the games I had bought at origins from playroom entertainment, Sitting ducks (which I really love and want to see an expansion for IMMEDIATELY) and Sled Dogs (I think that's what it was called which I didn't love, but tony pushed the hard sell on that and the other 3 games I didn't really want and bought anyway because I fold like a cheap suit when someone I consider a friend [in that way when you start to develop a basic relationship with someone who runs a booth beyond simply saying "hi" year after year and just finding out what they have in stock that year] of sorts tries to sell me something). Whew. Anyway, I brought the games along with others and everyone loved sitting ducks. In fact, we played something like 6 or so games of it over the course of the day and would have kept going if some people had their way. Toss in a run of sled dogs, one of bang, and then it was time to pull out the engineer's hat.

A while back I was struck by insanity and decided that I HAD to buy heroscape. Mostly this was because I had missed out on heroquest as it was coming out and only managed to pick it up a couple years ago, way past the time when the happy nostalgia feelings of d&desque boardgames from the 80's had sorta passed. I wanted to jump on this bandwagon and ride it...also hoping that one day the sets might be valuable to future generations willing to spend insane amounts of money to acquire it, much like heroquest and its quest expansions are now. To complete this lapse in judgement, heroscape is a game where you snap together terrain pieces and while you can play with one set, having more sets allows you to build some truly impressive battlefields. This thought percalated through my addled mind and I came to the conclusion that I needed more sets. I had missed a buy 1 game get 1 game free deal with free shipping at toys R us that included heroscape a few months ago and so I was primed to find any discounts I could. When KB toy stores had their buy 1 get 1 free sale (without free shipping), I jumped on it. I didn't simply buy one set, getting two. I bought two sets, getting four, for an average price of around 25 dollars a pop all told.

On top of this, I had also started to buy the expansions, which are NOT cheap and not easy to find. I picked up the first set of expansions off of EBAY of all places, paying slightly more than retail because I simply couldn't find the bleeping things in any of the online stores I frequented. Each expansion set will retail for around 50 bucks a pop, divided into smaller parts, and there isn't much of a markdown if any at all. Even placed that normally give you a 35% markdown on retail had these sets for less than a 8% reduction, and no one could keep them in stock. On top of that, while the figures in the base set were all 'unique', meaning that you could only have one in play at a time, the expansions introduced common armies. That meant that you needed multiple expansion packs if you wanted to build a theme army. What is the use of playing the roman legions for instance if you only have 4 roman legionaires and 4 roman archers? This meant that I had to buy an additional pack of each of the common sets, which in this first expansion was 3 of the 4 released and that if this continued on, likely I would have to drop around 85 dollars for each expansion to come out so that I had 1 set of all the uniques and 2 sets of each of all the commons.

Now, I'm sure quite a few of you are shaking your heads out there. This is insanity you're likely muttering to yourself and you'd be right. It's even worse if you consider the fact that I had NEVER EVEN PLAYED A SINGLE GAME YET and was unlikely to ever get the chance to. There was simply no one around to play with. So I had 4 farging master/base sets of this game and I had already dropped 85 dollars on the first expansion, and had dropped another 85 dollars on pre-ordering the second, all without playing a single game nor with any prospects of being able to play the game...EVER. I was in too far...but I couldn't pull back. I had set my course and the reason why I told myself no more goddamn TCG/CCG's (trading card games/collectable card games) came back to me. I simply have this tendancy to go nuts.

So why this giant segway into rambling about heroscape? At the last panera bread gameday, one of the bill's had mentioned that he too had a set of heroscape and wanted to play! Woot! So I hauled my master set over there yesterday and we printed out some directions for constructing an enlarged 2-set battlefiend from You'd think it'd be easy but it felt like I was taking a god damn spatial IQ test, and the score would likely not have been flattering. It was god awful putting that piece of crap together and in the end we gave up after constructing most of it. The damn thing was supposed to be 15 levels high for christ's sake. It was however immensely satisfying when the damn things would snap into place. It felt much like I imagine having a dislocated bone put back.

So we played and the long and short of it was I won. WooT! I left my set with him there because there was no fucking way in hell I was going to take that thing apart unless I was sure we had milked all the fun out of it and no longer wanted to give it a whirl anymore. It took too much sweat and bitching to put together in the first place. Since they have a game table in a small room that wasn't being used for much, there it will stay for the time being. I should have snapped a picture of the damn thing but it slipped my mind. The next time I'm over there which will be god knows when, I'll take a shot of it.

Anyway, by then almost everyone had left. We played another 3 or so games of sitting ducks and then had a long political debate (read: brawl) which basically entailed me facing off against gay and bisexual leftists on everything from whether gay men should join the NRA to iraq to conspiracy theories, to the 2004 election. It's pretty much guarenteed that there aren't any logcabin members among this group. Oh well. Being outnumbered in these sort of things is something I should be used to by now. If it wasn't for living in blue states all my life then the biased slant on SF and other sites I frequent when it came to political discourse prepared me for this sort of thing.

So I didn't end up leaving the bill's until 2:30 in the morning. At which point I arrived only to find I had left my housekey in my room and was locked out. Suckage. It was warm and humid and despite how blindingly exhausted I was, it was impossible to sleep. I ended up driving around town in circles for a while and finally dozed off around 4:30 or so. I managed to get back in a few hours after that and when I crashed on my bed, even then I didn't sleep for all that long. I picked up another 4 hours or so, took a shower, organized my origins swag, and here I am. That being the case, I'm not sure when I'll have the first day of origins recap posted, but hopfully tonight after another long nap or two.

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