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Ravage the land like never before, total destruction from mountain to shore

Welp, it's been storming pretty good all morning and early afternoon here and it looks like the storm just took out the cable connection. The tv went kaput and it looks like the internet line is down too. Since I've got nothing better to do at the moment, I figured I would make a quick offline entry here for later posting and then go and sort my killer bunnies cards. I'm going to trek down to the game store despite the rain and cram a demo down the throats of those little kids. Well, it shouldn't be as necessarily violent as that but if I just sit around they'll do nothing but play magic the gathering for the entire open gaming period. I've got players to win over and carrots to accumilate.

I figure things will go better when I try to run the demos at dexcon in less than a week, though I have no clue when I'm going to receive my demo kit in the mail. If nothing else, I have enough dago promo cards that I can offer those up as prizes to lure people to the game, and even a lord of the bunnies and hare e potter or two. Since I've never been to dexcon, I'm not sure how many people simply hang around the boardgame room there and are interested in pickup games at any one time. I've already decided to ditch more than a couple RPG events I had lined up in order to devote more time to demo KB there and I'm hoping that everything goes over well.

I think what I'll do to make it easier on myself is run the blue/yellow decks only, and then only after people have finished that or if experienced players show up, toss on the rest. God knows it could be a mass of confusion to simply toss newbies into a game with this many damn card combinations. I don't even feel like I know all the rule quirks that seem to pop up in every other game, though I'll be brining all the various instruction books and if all else fails I can always mail in any questions to the KB staff I'm assuming. It'd be too late to resolve the current game but I figure the newbies won't much care.

Hmmm, still no internet and it's only 90 minutes or so before I have to leave for the game store. Better resort the decks like I wanted to and pack up a dago bunny to bring with me as a prize.

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