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A pox on all children

Feh. Well I'm back from the game store having demo'ed my game of killer bunnies. I really have to find a better store where the average age is just a weeeee bit higher. This is getting farging ridiculous. All these kids are really interested in is playing magic. It's hard to put together enough people to try anything, though once you get them into it, the game runs pretty well. I didn't end up winning the game which is also good and someone else picked up the dago bunny as a prize. Maybe that will spark some interest but I'm not really holding my breath. I remember an old game store near here that I haven't been to in years that was right by the college campus. I really should trek over there and see if 1) they're still in buisness (a questionable state considering how fast game stores seem to shut down) and 2) if they have an open gaming night. They're also much closer than the other store and I'm sure they have an older population with the university so close.

Ah screw this. I've been saying I was going to check that store out for weeks if not months now. I might as well bite the bullet and go take a look tonight. I've got nothing else interesting going on and it would certainly solve some problems for me if it worked out.


Blah. Nothing there. Store is gone.

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