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Welp, insomnia got me again and I've been spending my time downloading episodes for a buncha cartoons I love and a few other tv shows. I finished picking up Season 6 of Star Trek DS9 and I also managed to snag all the seasons of Fox's X-men cartoon that I loved, and the first season of The Critic. I'm working on getting all episodes of The Tick, Samurai Jack, Thundercats, and Babylon 5 season 3 right now. I really need to pick up a dvd-r drive or something because I can't keep buying harddrives. I already have 3 firewire drives connected to this computer and 3 internal ones. I have a combined hard drive storage of 880 gigs right now and I'll probaly need more space again before long. It's a lucky thing I'm just collecting tv eps and not movies too. Things would really be out of hand then.

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