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Origins: Day 4

So after playing in so many Amorphous Blob games, I was able to identify the GM I had last year, Rich...err, Rich something. Having found him I was able to find that he was running a 2 table, 6 hour game on saturday and I was more than willing to dump my scheduled event for it. It was easily, hands down the best game of the entire convention for me.

Here's a picture of Rich, GM'ing the game at our table. It was called Carnival: Rescue of a Lifetime (or at least that's what my memories are supplying as a name. The guy in the back was GM'ing the other table of 6 and at one point the characters were mixed. What I love about Rich's games is that the characters are quirky and it's laugh out loud funny if you put some roleplaying effort into your character. God knows I'm going to remember this session of DnD for many, many years.

Anyway, this was my character. His Holiness, Bernard Filbert Shaw Magnimerius. Included with the character was a substantial background as well as how a quick blurb about his relationship with each of the other characters in the game. Looking at the little character sketch, my first thought was that I was playing some sort of pimp. You could have just named him Huggybear with that feathered hat and the gold medallion. I decided to play him as one of those foppish, limp-wristed aristocrats. I adopted an outrageous lisp with every word I said and it turned out better than I might have imagined. I complained incessantly about my armor chaffing me and other trivialities and spent my time abusing my squire. Anyway, lets introduce you to the cast of this little production.

Bernard Filbert Shaw Magnimerius. More than a bit of a dandy. Arrogant and foppish who only dresses in the latest styles and seems to have joined the priesthood for reasons not exactly clear.

Rolibard Tefturn the Third our mage on the left and Joric the ranger on the right. Rolibard was constantly applying some sort of reeking stench to himself for a reason none of us ever quite figured out. What it resulted in was a lot of mocking jabs about his odor during the adventure. Joric was the only character other than the Squire not nobly born and so there were plenty of unwashed peasant comments not being fit to mingle with the upper crust of society comments being tossed around.

Quelinard Forat. Bernard's best friend within the priestly orders. A man of good cheer when it came to tormenting the squire with bernard and who could always be counted on to spout his wisdom on a variety of esoteric topics and stop in the middle of combat to pull out a journal and begin documenting an interesting tree species that caught his eye.

Rubella Hemplewomp. A lady of astonishing girth. She was constantly persuing bernard while he spent his time trying to escape her attentions. The entire adventure opened at a carnival before a troll hunt in which Rubella was to take part in the pie eating contest.

Squire Fralip. You had to feel sorry for the squire and all the hell he was put through. He pretty much earned his title of chief arrow catcher and was constantly ordered about to do all sorts of menial tasks. 'Oh squire! These corpses here are so messy. See that you tidy them up a bit and perhaps line them up straight.'

At one point during the adventure we had to reach an underwater cave but there was a giant whale/shark monster swimming around. Bernard's idea to deal with the threat was to have a rope tied around his squire and have him handled into the lake like a worm on a hook. 'Oh squire! Be sure to thrash about to get the fish's attention.' When the darn thing finally went for him and chomped him, we pulled it and the halfdead squire to shallow water.

Here is a shot of the final battle between us and a buncha trolls. I'm squarred in red.

And here's the aftermath after swatting it down. 'Squire! Squire! Save me, Squire!'

I know it might not sound like it from the retelling, but this was really a fabulous game and I enjoyed it lots. Most of the people there were all great roleplayers and had given their characters a lot of personality. It was amazing how well we meshed together. Here's a final shot of everyone at the table that I took.

All I know is that this entry will be a perfect record for me to check next year when I'm signing up for more origins events. I'm planning to be in every single game that Rich runs for absolute certain and since these are all reoccuring characters, I hope to get another chance to play Bernard. Hell, I hope that the people in the group all show up next year too. The guy who played the squire and I had been in a previous even the year before and everyone else sorta intimated that they had been in various Blob events in the past. I liked the game not the least because I won a prize out of it for my RP'ing. I got to pick something out of the treasure hoard of odd and miscellaneous items and in the end decided to snag a pack of mage knight siege engines. I've never played mage knight, but the figures looked sorta cool and who knows, maybe the damn things have some resale value. Hmmm...maybe I should check ebay right now and see if they do.

Farg. It looks like it's going for as little as 9 bucks with shipping. Oh well, the figures still look cool as hell and maybe I'll find a use for it one day.

After six hours of roleplaying goodness, it was a couple hours back in the dealer's hall hunting swag. I don't remember if I picked up anything else significant that day but like I said, the pickings were rather slim this year. I think I demo'ed another playroom entertainment game which Agent02 ran though the name escapes me at the moment. I'm certain it wasn't one that I purchased so it must be a game that's not going to come out until gencon. Oh, that's right. It was king of the beasts. The game had a simple but interesting game mechanic, but nothing that really got my motor running. Really, outside of killer bunnies the only playroom game that I was really happy with and liked was Sitting ducks. That's one that I'm certain I'll follow through however many expansions come out, and I can only hope that there are a lot. As for the best they're mostly filler games. Nothing wrong with that but I've got more than enough filler as it is.

After that it was on to the Killer Bunnies Masters game. This is where we got to play a game of killer bunnies with Jeff that included not only the current expansions out, but also stainless steel (which wasn't set to be released until gencon) and pink/khaki (which isn't due for release until next year) as well. This is also where I met up with foxtail as you can see from the picture below.

She had 2 friends with her also in the game which I figured gave her a decided advantage. She certainly wasn't going to blast her friends right off nor vice versa. In the end, it was the guy at the far left of the picture who ended up starting a little weapon war with her little posse.

It was a very good game of KB overall. Quite even and without and major shifts of fortune or an imbalance in the number of carrots of bunnies. You can also tell that killer bunnies is definitely a family game since one woman brought her infant along with her and spent a good chunk of the time rocking and soothing the baby.

Considering that she was also the one who won in the end, and no one attacked her throughout, I hafta figure the baby was a prop. No doubt it engendered nuturing feelings from the rest of the players and helped pave her path to victory. All I know is that I need to find a place to rent a baby at gencon when I'm in the masters game again. It was a nice strategic move for sure.

Anyway, I had a pretty slow game with few bunnies. I only had 3 the entire game and one was whacked immediately because it was a special bunny and someone had the lord of the bunnies card out. In the end, there was nothing I could do but spend money to buy carrots from the store. I picked my carrot (dex) and immediately heard a squeak/squeal from my right like someone had ran over a puppy with a wagon wheel. One of fox's friend (the one in the orange shirt you'll see later) had whimpered because I had chosen her favorite carrot apparently. She of course made some ominous threat of recovering said carrot, and for a while later on I was even thinking of trading it to her just to avoid the headaches. When I finally got a second chance to pick a carrot, I snagged another one (I don't even remember which one it was) only to hear another squeak/squeal from the right. I can only assume I had picked her second favorite carrot or something.

As most people know, killer bunnies often ends up as a game of kill or be killed. That made it a very, very nervous game for me since I drew not a single god darn weapon the entire game. The guy to my left, seen below in green was pretty much in the same boat.

Basically all we could do is watch as fox and friends and the other guy at the end of the table traded weapons back and forth blasting one another. All we could do was hope that we didn't get caught in the backlash. Eventually, we even entered into a softly muttered and negotiated non-aggression treaty with one another hoping that might increase our chances of survival. I dropped a barrier between me and fox's squeaky friend for added protection and basically crossed my fingers and prayed I would make it to the end without eating a thermonuclear warhead or some other such monstrosity.

My prayers were answered since when the last carrot was snatched up, I still had one bunny alive and a pair of carrots. It was actually a very good game in that way. Every single person had at least one bunny and one carrot. This gave everyone a fair shot of winning. As each of the carrots were whittled away it came down to me and the woman with the baby and the carrot I had still alive in the running was Dex. This caused more squeak/squeals from my right and she actually buried her head on fox so she wouldn't have to see the horror if dex was the one that won and she didn't have him. Of course, with that sorta hexing going on, it was inevitable that I would go down in flames I guess. I didn't win, much to my chagrin and there's no prize in killer bunnies for coming in second. It just makes you first among the losers I guess.

I had really wanted a win to make up for the disastrous showing in the JtJ game the day before and the prize was pretty sweet too. A set of the later promo cards mounted in a glass case including one that wasn't due to be released until next year and until then, was the only one in existance anywhere. *le sigh*. I really would have liked to have won that. Instead, I, like everyone else who played, got a large lamenated killer bunnies card. It came down to either Cloning or Shockwave and I picked the latter.

So that's it for now. I'll finish recapping Day 4 tommorrow. There's not really much left but I'm tired and I don't feel like pushing on.

Whoops. I almost forgot. Here's a final picture of all of us who played at the KB masters game. As you can see, I'm wearing my lord of the bunnies shirt but it dosen't seem to have brought me that extra dash of luck I needed to pull it through. Oh well. Que sera, sera I guess. I'll have another chance at gencon though I hear from Fox the squeaker is going to be in that game as well. I wonder if she'll try to put a voodoo curse on me if I take dex again.

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